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Cameron: CWH's Sporty Girl


By admin / 9 years ago / In: News ,




Sociable, silly, competitive, and an absolute perfectionist. This barely scratches the surface of what behind the beautiful face and super fit body above. The lovely Cameron has caused jaws to drop on for nearly five months now and she’s becoming more popular by the minute. And her popularity is no accident. Cameron is ingrained with an affability and sense of involvement that is unique to her ever since she was little and it is ever present in the things that she does.

“I was always very outgoing and pretty funny, from what my parents tell me. Very girly. I had big, pink Minnie Mouse sunglasses, pink sparkly jelly shoes, and big frilly dresses. I was in a lot of different clubs and my friends and I organized a sunshine day, making little keychains and giving the proceeds to habitat for humanity.”

Being so active at her school, it’s not so surprising that Cameron found a passion of her’s very early on: athletics.

“When I was in elementary school, we had an Olympics and I was in the 100-yard dash. I was very fast when I was little, but even then I had some competition. It was my turn to race and someone in the side lines tripped me right in the beginning of the race. I was humiliated in front of my entire school!”

It seemed like Cameron’s sporting career could have come to a pretty abrupt ending! But rather than be discouraged and give up right then and there, she persevered.

“I looked at my mom, who was a teacher at the school, and she winked at me – gave me this look. I got up, we started the race again, and I won the gold medal!”

And from that point on, Cameron was all about sports. Her interest was fostered as she grew older and it became a very important part of her life.

“I like doing sports because I like being a part of a group. I’ve done every sport in the world – soccer, dance, diving, volleyball – you name it, I’ve done it. I really enjoyed diving. I was good from the beginning. I liked it because I was fearless and it worked to my advantage. You smack that water hard if you do it wrong, haha!”

Cameron is very much a team player and sports seems to fit right in with her mindset. Sports also demands that the participant be very active and fitness-oriented, another aspect that matches Cameron perfectly.

“I really love the gym. I look forward to it and it makes me feel good about myself. Endorphins, baby! Typically, I go four times a week: an hour on the stairmaster, and then I alternate daily with arms/back, legs/butt, and abs. If not that, then I’m always taking classes at my school gym. Kickboxing, spin, pilates, etc. I also eat like a freak. Egg whites, protein bars, organic food . . . I like being healthy!”

While Cameron’s diet and exercise routine is laudable, she admits that she does have one greasy, cheesy, savory vice: pizza.

“Oh yes, pepperoni! I have an obsession, so I get pizza lean pockets and south beach pizzas. Hahah. I love carbs despite avoiding them. Whenever I go out to eat, it’s got to be Italian!”

In addition to being fervently fit (most of the time anyway!), Cameron’s dedication to hard work and precision is also apparent through her other hobbies.

Cameron“I’m a perfectionist! So if I’m not the best, I move on, hahah. I was in the art club. I love drawing. I’m very crafty too. [My preferred medium] was color pencil. I hate charcoal. All this semester my art teacher has made me use charcoal!”She continued to develop her art skills and had taken some classes to reflect this interest. Sometimes, she posts her artwork on the CamWithHer forums for helpful critiques and comments.

Cameron’s also struggled with a very serious ailment throughout much of her life and it affects her on a daily basis. Sometimes, she’s simply not sure just how to deal with it.

“I’m a shopaholic! Don’t get me bored. I must have anxiety or something. I go to stores and I don’t peruse. I attack! That’s my problem. You name it, I buy it. I’ll be sitting at my desk and be like, ‘I should get a new one!’ It’s really a problem, hahah. It’s an illness.”

And she doesn’t try to hide it. One of Cameron’s most endearing traits is that she likes to keep things honest and simple.

“I’m real. I don’t try to be someone I’m not and I’ll tell you anything to your face. I’m genuine, or at least I think I am. I don’t like drama or fake people.”

On the other hand, Cameron is not one to take herself too seriously.

“I’m not a very serious person. I like to have fun and make the best of situations. Life’s too short to not have a good time. Plus, I like making people laugh. My fingers are really flexible, I can touch my tongue to my nose, and I can make the best monkey face you’ve ever seen!”

Fun, honest, and a perfectionist at heart, it makes sense why Cameron was a perfect fit for But how did she get involved in camming?

“One of my best friend’s friends referred me to the site. I secretly applied, not thinking I’d get on! I’ve been here since September 30th and I like it a lot. I unleash my wild side and it releases sexual tension, hehe. Plus, I can be my utmost self because I can’t see the other side.”

She considers herself lucky that she got into CamWithHer as her first camming experience and has enjoyed it immensely so far.

“It seems like a pretty close knit community. I enjoy doing the projects, interviews, getting to know the camgirls. It’s my getaway from the real world. If only I could block the people I don’t want around in real life! Hahah.”

She may be relatively new to camsites, but Cameron picked it up quickly and has been very well received.

“It’s funny, because it becomes like this long dance. I almost feel like I’m performing. I like to get my groove on, hehe. I tend to be insecure, so it helps my confidence. I feel sexy.”

Right now, Cameron is still a 20-year-old business major, although she’s thinking of changing that to an English major, and trying to not get caught up in all the changes happening in her life.

“I have a lot going on between school, working a couple jobs, my social life, and sometimes I get down. If I’m not doing well in school or I have too much going on, I get easily stressed. I like to make the best of things, but sometimes I get overwhelmed.”

She makes it a personal mission to make sure that things are right, and this makes sense considering how Cameron is a perfectionist at heart. It’s become both a blessing and a curse.

As for the future, Cameron is keeping her options open, but there is something about litigation that has sparked her curiosity.

“I’ve always had a big interest in law. I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was little. I strayed away as I got older and decided I wanted to be in the fashion field, but I’m starting to lean back towards law. I enjoy speaking in public and I also find a lot of interest in criminal justice.”

In some of her spare time, Cameron likes to play with her Pomeranian puppy, Lucy, who is a little over three months old. She’s the first dog that Cameron’s ever had and she’s been a loving companion so far.

For movies, Cameron generally enjoys comedies and romances.

“[To watch] scary movies I need a lot of friends with me and not be busy the next day because I won’t be sleeping that night!”

Cameron also enjoys reading. Her favorite book is Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks.

“I finished it in one day! It was a compelling love story. Very suspenseful and gives hope for true love.”

Things are indeed looking very bright for the 5’8″ flaxen-haired beauty. To her fans, she says, “Thank you for being so awesome and always brightening my day. Trust me. You guys haven’t seen anything yet!”

It looks like the best is yet to come for Cameron and it’ll be happening only on!

Interview by GuardianE

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