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Sabrina – All Around Crazy


By admin / 9 years ago / In: News ,




“All around crazy” is one of the ways model Sabrina chose to describe herself.

Ask her for the link to the latest video she’s watching and you might see why.

Sabrina isn’t one to shy away from the likes of “goatse” or “Mr. Hands,” and if you’re not sure what those are then consider yourself blessed.

“I like to shock and disgust people,” the 20-year-old said. “Maybe it’s cause as an only child and I had to find ways to entertain myself? In any case, it’s hilarious to see people’s reactions. I’m really easily amused and it cracks me up to take people out of their ‘norm’ and replace it with a video of a man getting rammed up the ass by a horse.”

To get to know her and handle her sense of humor, protection may even be necessary, she joked.

“I’d tell them to wear some armor,” Sabrina said. “I’m really dynamic, blunt, energetic, semi-and obnoxious. I’m forever bouncing around the place and saying random obscene things. I may have a mild case of tourettes.”

Sabrina, who’s a mix of Costa Rican and Vietnamese, has an interest in media studies and journalism. She’s currently a senior in college majoring in communications, with upper-division courses in classes such as media literacy and rhetorical theory.

“[Another] class is magazine and feature writing because I eventually want a career in journalism,” the brunette said.

A career goal of hers is to be an investigative journalist. But, if not, then a makeup artist.

Sabrina’s interest in journalism even dates back to her high school days, a time she doesn’t look back on too fondly.

Sabrina“I was not popular or well-liked,” she said. “People saw me as a geek with no fashion sense or style. I was a freakin’ nerd with zits, glasses, braces, frizzy pubes on my head with no tits and no ass. I wrote for the school newspaper and played tennis. However, I had one friend and everyone else avoided me like I had shit on my face.”

Sabrina even reminisced back to her days with “no tits” and recalled a story she can laugh about now.

“When I was 11, I stuffed my training bra with construction paper and then went to gym class,” she said. “We were doing the ‘10 minute run’ and three minutes into it, one of my ‘boobs’ slid down to my belly. Everyone saw and I was known as that lopsided boob girl.”

Thinking even further back, Sabrina remembered the days her friends were only seen by her . . . literally.

“I had imaginary friends,” she said, “and I think other kids’ parents actually told them to stay away from me [LOL].”
Even later on in life, Sabrina remembered a time she didn’t have too many people to turn to in times of need, living with her closest friends – a gesture she ranks up there as one of the nicest things someone has done for her.

“When I moved out on my own and was in fuller control of my life,” Sabrina said. “Once I began doing things for myself, I knew that I’d become a stronger person.”

Like many people, she too had that one job she didn’t like – working at Starbucks. But now, 5-foot-6 stunner with the megawatt smile has found a home on NNC and the forums.

“I am very honored to be apart of the CWH community,” she said. “Not only are the women beautiful, but the community as a whole has been very positive and supportive. I love that I can contribute to such a welcoming site.”

“I like the fact that we are not just a bunch of pretty faces, and that the forum members can interact with us. It gives a personality to the pretty face, tits and ass [lol].”

Also, Sabrina no longer looks like that same girl from high school that was labeled a nerd. In fact, she’s even received from unwanted recognition since her start as a camgirl.

“My best friend’s brothers found one of my videos online and suffice to say, I was mortified,” said Sabrina, who can also be found on “But now I really don’t care. What can I do, really? Now I just block the entire state.”

And finding Sabrina on cam shouldn’t be too hard if you’re awake deep into the night.

“I’m a ‘night owl’ and am usually up until 5-6 a.m.,” she said. “I’m a fucking vampire!”

Interview by Tracy

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