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By MIA / 8 years ago / In: General ,





that is how i feel right now, i typed out a whole post about my bestfriends going away party the other night i copied and pasted it like i always do because sometimes this blogger fucks up and look what it did…it fucked up! lol ughh I went to hit paste, nada! where did it go?  the i net boogie man took it! basically the run down was my girlfriend is moving to florida. (well did) and i threw her an amazing oging away party at our other friends party apt! lol i got balloons and decorations and food and candy and sex cherades (if you have never played i suggest you go get it….sooo  much fun!!!!!) we spent the night playing and hanging out (everyone elses was drinking, whats new lol ) and then cried and said our goodbyes. I think shell be back soon but ive never really had a close friend i love move away. it was really sad…i kept pretending like it  wasnt a big deal and almost pretending like it wasnt happening but when we went to say goodbye i realized , omg shes leaving! and blah. i knonw its only an ‘airplane flight away’ but still. its not down the street. she was always the one to organize fun events and get everyone togther. she always made sure we had a good time, and she was the papparazi of the group. who will take our pictures to make memories that will last a lifetime now!? UGhh how sad. ;(

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