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Hi all


By Camilia / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Its been a few days since I last posted but I have not forgotten about you all. In fact, I have been scouting out places to take some new pics for you all!! I am very excited because I have found a few places and tomorrow I am going to take some pics!!! These will be the most unique I have taken to date!!! I would say more but that would ruin the suprise. Other than that… I have been really tired… it takes a little adjustment staying up late everynight, LOL. Thus far, I have found caming to be very fun and exciting… I can imagine that it will only get better!! I love it here, plus, it gives me an excuse to buy more lingerie!! 🙂

I do have to bitch for a moment though and those of you who live in areas with mosquitos will understand this… in Alabama, the weather tends to get very hot and humid quickly… it is already hitting 90 decrees F. lately. That is not the issue though, with this warm weather comes a lot of mosqitos (lol… not sure if that is how you spell that) its like you cannot go outside for a minute without getting bit a 100 times. Its freakin irritating!! Plus, everytime you open the front door it seems like a fly gets into the house and they are smart little freaks too!! See, i have fly traps in my house, seeing how flys seem to be unavoidable. However, whenever you hang the fly traps it seems like all the stupid flys stop flying and just crawl on the floor. So… just for a mental image… every other day you will see me sneaking around my house with a fly swatter so I can kill the little freaks.

I realize that was a bit random but it is something that really bugs me (no pun intended)… anyways… I will post something more interesting soon!!! I cannot wait to show ya’ll my new pictures!!! Oh, and next month I will be at the beach… that should make some good pictures!!

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