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By MIA / 8 years ago / In: General ,



who hoooo summer is almost here!!! this is so exciting..i can go outside (almost ) without a jacket or long pants !! wow its amazing, makes me feel so wonderful!

so the past couple months ive been considering moving to California…for no reasosn other than why the hell not!? Beaches, sand, city….smog…yumm. NO but really it has to be at least a LITTLE bit better than the mid west, right? and I figure if not,..then ill just come back . LoL nothing will be different other than ill have spent a ton of money moving all my personal belongings just to bring them back to the spot i started! haha But really i dont have anything tying me down,a nd why not try something new? I think it will be amazing!!! wh ooo hooo so exciting. so keep an eye out for that late summer ish. My lease isnt up here until Sept, but apparantly I can move out whenever and pay two months rent and be out of my lease. Kinda crazy?!


how about my maintence man (for the complex) doubles as my computer repair man now! hahah He just upped my computer ram to 2 gigs…I think thats what it is…lol anyway halarious…he came over when my toilet over flowed and I was workin and said something like’ this damn slow computer’ and he wa slike hey , well heres my card i also fix computers. Cha ching! haha its crazy the ppl i meet around here i swear !

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