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I am feeling a little down today!!


By Camilia / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hey Ya’ll,

I am actually feeling a little down today. I suppose I thought jumping into the camgirl world would be a little easier than what it has been. I have been live for three nights now without much happening. Sure, I have gotten a few free chats and one 3 minute private chat but it doesn’t seem as if people want to see me. I am feeling a little less than confident at the moment and I want to do so well. In fact, I want to be promoted to the actual CWH website one day but it doesn’t look as if that will be anytime soon. I know what you all are thinking “its only been three days, give it time” and my comment is, patience has never been one of my strongest virtues!! This new venture I have placed myself in is teaching me patience, though! Its just a little difficult not to feel down when I am so new and so do not know exactly what I am doing. Example, this guy last night, that I later saw had been banned, popped into my chat room and instantly went into VIP. Seeing how I had never experienced a pchat, much less a VIP chat, I had no idea what to expect. I was like, wtf is that and then suddenly i was in VIP. This guy says two things to me, “nasty” and “hmmm” and then was gone in like two seconds and I was out of VIP. I don’t think I had time to absorb that I had been switched from free chat before the guy was gone. I felt so bad after that because the VIP chat had ended before I could truly experience it.

I know, I know… all good things are worth waiting for and will come with time but I am trying here and nothing seems to be working. Just to let you all know, I might be a little off at first but I know I can do this!!! I just need time to get used to everything. I will feel better later on but I had to just vent a little. All is well. It is a beautiful spring day. My daughter is playing quitely in her room and I will be live again tonight. All truly is well!! Thanks for listening to my little insecurty, one of my worst habits is that I worry too much 🙂 One good thing is, I got to go to the tanning bed yesterday. That always makes me feel soo good and relaxed!!


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