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I had a thought about orgasms today!


By Camilia / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Today, as I was reading through the forums, I begin to think about women and their orgasms. We are told about having multiple orgasms and you can see women on porn having massive ones (who knows when these girls are acting or really having an orgasm). Some women can get off from the slightest touch and others (like me) it builds up slowly and then BAM, you have an orgasm. I find it really interesting how each woman is different in how they get off. Do they need a man or do they prefer to go at it alone, or is another woman in order? What really got me thinking about this is remembering how some women look as the get off, referring to the position of their bodies. Moreover, for a man, it is pretty easy to get off. Why do we have to be so complicated. It is a good thing and a bad thing sometimes. Yes, most women can have multiple orgasms but what does it take to make use experience that. Me, I almost need a little break in between each one because I get soo sensitive (something for you guys to think about). It takes forever for me to have a clit orgasm but when I do, it is freakin great. It is possible for some women, including myself, to over think their orgasm or sex and ruin it. Then again, it is also possible to be so caught up in the orgasm that you do not know what you are doing or what you are saying because the orgasm is soo intense all you can do is experience it.

As I was thinking about women and their orgasms, another thought popped into my head. Sometimes, it is not about the orgasm but rather the intimacy and closeness we feel when we are with a lover (this is something else you guys should think about). All too often, guys will zone in on the most obvious sexual parts of a womans body. This is not always a good thing. I wish that all men knew to kiss the neck, the back, even on the inside of the wrist. You have to warm us up first if you want us to experience an intense orgasm. Do not go for the goods first but rather avoid them until your girl is just about begging you to touch her there. Trust me, it will be much more satisfying that way, unless your girl is wanting some rough sex, then don’t hold back. Anyways, while it is good to try and make your girl cum, remember, she is not always dissatisfied if she doesn’t. It is all about the mood of the sexual situation you find yourself in.

My thoughts are sometimes random!! You may find that I will ramble on about anything and some of what I think about may only link to the other thoughts I am having in my head. Anyways, that was my latest thought process, can’t wait to post again.


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