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Randomness… Blah blah and lots of ranting


By Nina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



   So as im arriving back from the gym, the ppl upstairs were asking me if I had internet and I told them I did. They asked if I can share with them and I told them, I would have to ask my brother because its his. We already told them that we’d share our cable, but the internet is another issue. I work as a camgirl and I need my internet speed to be as fast as possible and my brother constantly plays online games and cries when its slow because the other players are killing him ha ha, So we do our thing on separate times. I dont want to share my internet with them… I can picture it now! The internet doesnt work or its too slow and they’re crying to us. So we had to get the cable, snow shovel and internet and they want to use it… while we ask them for nothing. Come on, its a whole family living upstairs and its just my brother and I here. Get ur own things and stop bothering us… set an example!
   You know what I hate about renting a basement??? U smell everything they cook!!!! :puke: U cant shower at the sametime as them, U hear everything and U know whats worse? They cant speak english, I have to try to communicate with lots of expression and hand movements trying to creating what im explaining lol. Living above me is this old couple thats probably 200 years old and they dont seem to ever sleep because they’re walking around at 3 am and take baths at 4am lol. They’re kids also live with them, they know some english… but theres this girl who also lives with them, shes really ugly and looks like a rabbit. Whenever I talk to her all she says is “Yes, yes yes yes” Its all yes!! lol, I should have some fun with that… but I just try to get away with her as quick as possible.
   I moved away from home to get away from my parents because they hate me, I took my brother with me. He didnt want to stay there because my parents drank so much in they’re life that they lost a lot of brain cells, they’re just stupid 😡 As much as my brother annoys me with being a slob, im glad I have him because he is the only family member I have here and he shovels, rakes, recycles… he does the things I dont want too lol.
    So my door has no peeking hole… its just a door lol, so when ppl knock.. I keep hoping, I wont get attacked and its a weird feeling. I panic too much about things, when I first moved in.. I had to cover all my windows because I didnt want anyone peeking in. When I go out alone, I *always* wear my sunglasses!! I dont like it when ppl stare and they see me looking at them.. usually they come up to talk to me, this way its easier to avoid it!  😀
    I’ve been watching this 2 day Dr.phil episode, it was so emotional. It was about this 12 year old boy who molested a 6 year old girl and another 12 year old boy. The mother was confused as to how he know so much about sex and that it clicked that her dad molested her… so she thought he was molesting her son. So he was given a lie detector test it shows he molested his younger brother and sister. He molested his daughter as early as 2 weeks old and he did molest her child… He deserves to live in jail!!  😡

friends: 9
family: 2
self love: 9
lovelife: 10+++

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