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By Elise / 8 years ago / In: General ,



       For the past 6 months I’ve been kinda having some personal issues. My best friend that’s closer with me than almost anyone in my life pretty much dumped on me. She was never the wild kinda girl but she started going through this stage in her life where she was getting wasted every night… doing drugs… and a lot of things I just won’t say. Not only did it hurt me to see her hurting herself but when I tried to help she just got so angry with me and walked out on our friendship. She walked out on pretty much everyone who was important in her life. So I tried to move on and replace her but I just didn’t have that same bond with anyone else. That’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with. Might sound silly but you  have no idea how close I was with her. It felt like a family memeber had died or something. BUTTTT…. I’m SO SO  happy because she’s finally realized what shes been doing to everyone in her life. She’s picked herself back up and is back to the girl I love so much. I’m helping her deal with all the bitches she thought were her friends but stabbed her in the back. It feels so awesome to be there for her again. It really has shown me that all the hurt we feel and all the crap we go through really is worth it. I didn’t think I could ever be closer with her… she really is my other half. They say you’re blessed if you can find one true friend in this world….. I KNOW I’m truely truely blessed 🙂

       Ok so that was all kinda cheesy lol but it really feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. But on another subject lol we got our makeup kits in class today. I have a lot of nice stuff but now I have so many different brushes a whole new palette of colors different color foundations, and just a million things that are going to be so useful. I’m really confident with my makeup skills since I’m making some money off of it now but it’s going to be nice to learn so much more about it. This is by far my best talent in school. Makeup is definitely gonna take me places.

        Well just a lil update. Got a lil emotional on ya lol I’ll be pchating every night about 11:30 to 4am easter time. COME SEE ME!!! <3 muah!

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