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Why Hello There..


By Gisele / 8 years ago / In: General ,



You all have no idea how good it feels to have my internet working! I didn’t realize how bad it really does suck when the internet or computer is down! Not only is it my work, but it has become a huge part of my life in general lol. So for those who don’t know my whole sob story, about a week ago my laptop crashed. During this time my internet connection had been messing up, and I had Comcast come out and try and fix the problem. So they come out, get the internet running again and I go to turn on my computer, and it wont turn on at all! I have only had the laptop about a year and a half so i figured id take it into the place I bought it and have it fixed by my warranty.. Of course it wasn’t covered since there there were signs on the outside of the laptop that it had been “handled improperly”. Which I don’t even want to go into because I am just now getting over it all lol.. Soooo long story short, my laptop was at the shop for a week or so, but I was lucky that a friend of mine let me barrow her computer during that time.. BUT once i got home i realized my internet connection was once again acting up!! At this point i was crying and so stressed out I wanted to kill the cable company lol. So i say F it and go out and buy a brand new desk top! I come home set it all up and have Comcast come out and fix the internet for the second time, and thank god it seems to be all back to normal now :D… So these past few weeks have been ubber stressful when it comes to work and the computer…

 But I am happy to say all is normal and running better than ever now! And I am only 3 weeks away from moving into my house! Yup! This time I am actually going through with it and buying my first home 😉 I cant even begin to describe how happy I am! It took alot of work and stress to get it all done in 2 months but it all worked out perfectly! I will post pictures as soon as I am all moved in 😉 I hope to do a member chat some time soon! My last one I couldn’t make because of all my computer problems :(… But I hope to never utter those words again hehehe!

Have a good weekend!


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