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What’s been going on w/ me lately..


By Valentina Valentine / 8 years ago / In: General ,

Valentina Valentine

Valentina Valentine

Hey everyone!! So I had my MChat this past Sunday. I had an awesome time and I want to thank everyone for coming. I tried to interact as much as possible. It’s just so annoying when every time my cam is lagging on my end ;\ It’s really distracting to me. I can’t wait until my next MChat. I haven’t received my bathingsuits yet from the website that was supposed to send me the suits before my MChat so I could do a shower chat… I had no idea that 2 – 3 day shipping took over a week..?? Yes, it has now been that long. I’ve been emailing them nonstop, no responses. It’s really getting on my last nerve, so hopefully I get this straightened out soon and I am never purchasing anything from them again.

Hmmm let’s see… as far as my personal life goes… Well… school is over (for the semester) in a little over a month, so I have about five million things to do. They really pile on the work before the end of the semester. One of my professors just assigned us a huge group project, which has been taking a lot of my time, and at class on Monday he now assigned us an individual project as well where we have to read and analyze The Art of War… and we also have to interview a business owner and write a five page paper about that… ;\ I swear, I was having the worst anxiety attack… Does he think this is the only class we’re taking?

And not to mention, I’m pretty sure he’s having sex with one of the girls in my class Lol.. but we won’t go into that…

Hmm, what else? I’m going to look at cars this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the car I want because my father has to cosign for a lease because I don’t have very good credit because of stupid mistakes I made when I was like 18. I thought credit card meant “free money”… Well, now I’m paying for it. But by leasing a car, it will help to build my credit, so that will be good, but it just sucks because although I’m paying for everything, my father refuses to cosign if it’s not a car that he likes or wants me to get, which is just annoying. Ugh.

Anyways, I’m on pchats now and will be on and off for the rest of the night, so hope to see you all soon! XoXo!

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