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Uh oh Hot Dog!


By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



So I had a dream about hot dogs! They were mean big smelly fat filled killer hot dogs on a rampage! What they wanted? I havent the slightest freakin clue! All I know is that when I woke up I felt like going to Wienerschnitzel and yelling at them for creating such a monstrosity.

Anyways! 😀

Its hot as eff outside! Do I like it? Hmm a lil because I get to run around naked when doing errands. But I am soo paranoid about premature aging and the damaging UV rays. They say asians dont age…but if an asian person gets enough sun….ewww!! You ever see sun-damaged skin? They should call that elephantitis!! Feed me to the homeless if I ever turn like that. Please! Youll be doing me and the homeless peeps a favor!

So my house hunting has been put to a screeching halt, well not screeching more like one of those halts caused by one of the tires going loose and is rolling down the hill and about to hit a kid. The kid deserves it so it dont matter. The economy is a hobo sitting on its ass drinking a Steel Reserve waiting for someone to throw him a quarter or two so I think itll be best for me to wait. No rush cause I want put it down!! I want to put 60% down yakno. Shiieett I dont want pay xx amt in interest! Fugget dat shiet!

Oh and dont forget my sexy and creative memberchats! Tuesday at 10pm EST! Be there or Ill get my dogs to bite you on the ankles!

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