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Saturday night!


By Hayden / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hey all!

I hope you are all doing well tonight. I had a pretty good Saturday. I slept in, took a shower, then went out with my family for the day/night. We went and saw a movie, and then walked around the city looking at all of the art galleries in that area. It was a nice, relaxing day. It would of been even better if I had gone out, but spending time with my family is always fun.

So I was supposed to move out early April… but that didn’t work out sadly. 🙁 Now I am really hoping to get my own place in June, *crosses fingers*, and then everything will be grand haha. I have been pre shopping for moving out though. Everyone is like, “Don’t buy everything at once, just get the necessities first and then get whatever after that.” But I dont wanna live somewhere with just a bed, fridge, table, and couch. I will feel so lonely in there. So I want to buy like furniture, art, etc all that good stuff. And then I need to buy a laptop and all that stuff. Ahh! So many responsibilities. I am excited though, I am saving my money hardcore right now to REALLY make this happen. I really need to move out on my own. I feel like I would grow up so much, and then I could be on P-Chats A LOT more.

Well I will be on P-Chats possibly tomorrow night, and if not tomorrow night then definitely on Monday night. And here’s a little pic of me I took on P-Chats the other night.

Enjoyy! Haha. I will talk to you all later.


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