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Nintendo lovers unite!!!


By Nina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



    Lastnight was full of fun, drama and food <3 What happened??? Well… I will tell u below:P

 7:00- I had my Wii party… there were about 16 ppl that showed up, we had about 3 wiis hooked up (2 were borrowed) and we got all the winners to face eachother… to find out the grand winner! YAY! How nerdy… I know! You know what was sad??? I sucked!! That goes to show u how busy I am, I have no time to play!! My friend Brandon asked if I can pick up his gf Maria at 8pm and I had no problem with that, she was out shopping with a guy friend named Mike at Pacific mall.

8:00- We call Maria (the gf) and she doesn’t pick up, I was craving timmies!! Really bad and I was sucking at wii… so I went to give into my cravings and told Brandon (the bf) to come with me, incase his gf calls because I dont remember where she lived. She eventually called and said that she would get Mike to drop her off.

 9:00- She hasn’t showed up yet and she wasn’t picking up her phone, so I began to clean up the mess these guys were creating!

10:00- We leave for Swiss Chalet and Brandon called his gf, left her a voice to met him at the resturant. The tables were all in 4’s, so he sat alone at a table… so that his gf would have a place to stay and even ordered her food.

10:00- His gf calls and says that shes on her way to the resturant

11:20- We’re done and shes still not there and all the boys began to attack her food and I felt horrible for him!! She wasn’t picking up and I was wondering “WTF?” Is there something going on between her and that guy??? Thats a pet peeve I have… I hate it when ppl are late!! Brandon is 16 and she is 18, I had a feeling that she was walking all over him because of how shy/young he was! I told him that he better give her shit!!!! He didnt want to go home, so I told him to sleep over my place.

12:30- She called him and I told him not to pick up, I wanted to first explain to him that he teaches ppl how to treat him and that he doesnt have to break up with her, but show her that hes mad! She calls in and he raised her voice at her (goodboy) she kept telling him not to be mad and I was whispering things to him, like “How do u expect me to react??” “U know what, just go home” and than I told him to just hang up! I had to do that because when hes nervouse… hes just blank!

           He than hung up on her, U know I wasn’t trying to ruin anything. I just know out of past experiences that if u let ppl get away with things, ur telling them its okay. Expecially in they’re situation… what she did was stupid, the poor guy bought her food and sat alone waiting for her. He began to cry and I began to console him… She called and left voice messages crying and begging him to call her back. Oh my god… that made him feel so much better. He felt like she didnt care about him at first and now he feels so much better to know that she loves him!! Now hes a cocky bastard 😛 ha ha

            Heres a pic of me lastnight:

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