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TGIF Bitchniz!!


By Nina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



   I told myself that I would sleep less and become more productive and thats just what I did 🙂 … I did it <–rare! I keep lying to myself when I say im going to do things. I went to bed last night at 2:30am because I was spending time with my friend’s new gf and we were getting along just soo well <3

Soo… what I did today..

 9:00am – Woke up and got ready to go to the walk-in clinic to pick up some birthcontrol and I couldn’t find my car keys, I was going insane! Than I found out that my car keys were in my car… doh!

9:40am- Went to the walk-in clinic and it was soo busy, so I waiting in line for 1 hour and 40mins… booo!!! He only gave me 3 packs!! My doctor would give me 8!!! I dont like my doctor and im trying to find a new one.. since I moved 30mins away, but no ones accepting. They’re building a new family doctors office here… so than I’ll attack them! In canada doctors can only have a specific amount of patients, so its difficult to find a doctor!

11:00am – Pick up prescription and a stapler lol. Head home!!

11:30am – Cleaned, Cleaned, Cleaned!!! I cleaned my kitchen, washroom and bedroom! I used easy off on my stove and I sprayed some on my wall by mistake… it turned red after WTF?? How does a cleaner make my yellow wall turn red??? I began to scrub it and it came off *thank god* but all that scrubbing did a number on my arms! Than I folded laundry!

1:00pm- Made a Video for Xblow and began working.

               I did sooo much!! Go me and thank U red bull!!! Later on at 7pm, Im having a Wii party!! WOOO WII SPORTS!! Im going to have about 18 ppl over and im going to kick they’re ass in tenis 😛 Than Im heading over to swiss chalet for dinner.. Im not a fan of swiss Chalet, A lot of ppl like it… I dont find it all that amazing and ppl obsess over the freaking sauce!! Its not that great? My favorite Places to eat here are Moxies, Jack Asters and Wimpys 🙂

              Anyways… I better get back to stripping <3 ha ha

I found this pic and I thought it was hot enough to share <3 Good bye brunette *waves*

I cant afford a bra… buy me shows lol

I cant afford food… buy my shows LMAO

           Ha ha… Okay have a good weekend everyone 😛

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