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By Lux / 8 years ago / In: General ,



hi everyone!

Sorry I havent been on much things have been so hectic for me lately, especially the fact that my internet has been sucking monster balls!! Luckily I’m moving on May 1rst and I will have a brand new connection set up to perfection, weeeee!!!

So what have I been up to?

Well I turned 21 last month, that was awesome. Had my mchat on my birthday so I could celebrate with my favorite people <3 then just had a low key night (went to ikea and out for dinner haha) and waited for the weekend to celebrate, because there were like 5 more of my friends with birthdays in march. We went up to my friend’s cabin and partied all weekend.

I bought my first car the other day, I’m in heaven! I “bought” (by bought I mean financed, so I’m paying monthly installments) a white 2005 32i beamer. Its gorgeous, black leather, all the goodies I need. And thank goddd the seat warmers heat up quickly because getting into a car with leather seats early in the morning when it’s cold (or late at night) is just awful. FROZEN BUMMMMM.

I’m so excited to move, finally leaving the old nest. I’m a little overwhelmed though because I’m a bit of a shoppaholic and i’m also a bit of a pack rat when it comes to things like clothes, so I’ve got to get rid of tons and tons of thing to accomodate my smaller place. I’m going to the new house in a couple hours to see if there’s any furniture my roomates and I want, I also need to take some pics of my room to make sure the things I need to get from Ikea (old faithful) will fit.

Olive is getting so big, she is such a sweeeeetheart and makes for such a good cuddle, especially for a lonely single girl like me 🙂 She had her last shots yesterday so I can finally get our dog trainer/ walker (he takes our big dogs out on huge hikes during the week while the family is busy during the day) to take her for a week and help train her. She has been helllllllll pure hell, especially when it comes to housebreaking. THE DOG PEES ON HE BED!! I just find that odd because animals generally don’t like to eliminate where they sleep. I really hope they can help us otherwise I really don’t know if I can bring olive when I move out. Well I don’ even know if she’s allowed to anyways. ahhhhh.

It’s finallllly getting nice and sunny in my city which is nice because I”m used to pure rain and greyness. I can’t wait until it gets warmer though.

I’m trying to get Trish and Milan to come to visit me after I’ve moved in, so help me out and bug them about it .


Well my tummy is grumbling so I better attend to it!


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