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*snap shot*


By Nina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



  Today i was modelling for a photoshoot & a friend that I hadn’t seen in ages tagged along, she asked to do my makeup, so that I can be in her portfolio and I agreed. As she was doing my makeup I asked her “Do u remember adam?? He asked me yesturday to write him a reference, to get him out of trouble… do u have any idea what its about??” Her eyes lit up and I knew it had to be bad, I knew that before because he refused to tell me what it was about, but assured me that it was nothing too seriouse.
  She told me that his gf was looking through his computer and found a large amount of images of girls topless, not models though… just regular girls. A moderater on a forum that shes active in messaged her to tell her that theres several fake profiles comming from his IP and they’re fall pertending to be female…. trying to lure in girls! She confronted him several times… but was too inlove with him to leave. Finally she got into his accounts (I dont know how) and found out that he was flirting with over 80 girls, trying to get them on webcam so that he can take tons of screen shots to add to folders on his comp. Than she decided to dump him… later on, he got arrested because one of the girls were 11!!! WTF??

       I told him I wasnt going to be involved and I found the article, so he cant deny it. He began to defend himself telling me that the cops lie and that he didnt know she was 11… her age wasn’t on display. Are u kidding me?? Its not the cops, its the media and further more… how can u mistake a 11year old for a 19 year old?? Are u seriouse, we got into a big arguement that was just a waste of time… so I blocked him!

      I feel really awfull for his gf and hope she feels better…. there goes 2 years down the drain 🙁

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