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Eventful week


By Jenna / 8 years ago / In: College , General ,



I’m so glad I can cam again, I was honestly getting worried about my connection and all that jazz. I like camming, lol.

It’s funny, my dog keeps coming into the bedroom, plops his butt in front of the rat cages, and starts scratching at it and whining really loud  so the girls will huddle around him, reach out and lick him as if they’re trying to comfort him. Silly animals.  Pig, my elderly ratty, is extremely pissed at me because she’s got an infection, she accidentally fell off my bed once and I’m not sure what she cut herself on but anyway, I have to use this spray on the cut so she’ll squirm out of my hand after the spraying, and literally sulk in the corner of the cage. Just sitting there sulking, the other girls will go over to her and lick her and coax her to come out and play and she’s one pissy little baby right now, aww.

This week I’ve got to meet up with an adviser and all that, I’m finally changing my major and I’ve got to apply to the local community college so I can just take easy basics instead of going nuts over the University basics, it’s just harder at the Uni. I’m so not looking forward to having to take math and my final english credits but I will be extremely relieved to finally do all the classes I will enjoy at the Uni in the fall.

I want my phone turned back on but when I went to go pay the bill and have them un-suspend it, it turned out that they cancelled my service and that I would have to dish out another $500 just to have it back on.. No way jose! My grandma’s contract is coming up and she said I can just have a joint plan with her once she renews. That’ll be nice. I still need to get my scooter out of the shop, I miss driving that little bugger around. We’ll see about that.

I think I’m gonna call it a night <3

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