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the weekend scoop


By jade / 9 years ago / In: General ,



SOOO i had an interesting weekend went to the beach oh yesss the weather is warming up here time to hit the tanning bed again and get into shape 😛 after the winter walking out on the beach and feeling that weather that you almost forgot existed is so refreshing! on saturday night i was going to be on pchats but a friend got into a HUGE fall out type fight with his fiance and i ended up counceling him for 2 hrs over the phone poor guy hed call her and shed flip out on him and she went out to the club and was getting all messed up and saying stupid crap i just kept trying to remind him shes effed up she has no idea what shes saying right now dont take it as shes really going to leave you until u can talk with her when shes sober! OHHHH young couples 😛 haha im not old im 26 but at 19 i had been there done that im glad i have matured and can help friends out and not be in those situations myself! had company on friday and watched a couple movies thats always a good time for me 😛 i watched hitman and jesse james, hitman was great, jesse james was good but SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ever so slow and just wasnt what i was expecting there is absolutely NO action in this movie! i mean a robbery or two but its organized and done so quickly its like grab the guy ask where this is and shoot him the end lol i dunno this movie really just bored me shame on brad pitt lol ok i shall quit babbling THE END

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