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Happy St. Patrick’s day :)


By Jenn / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Yay.  Well actually, I’m not doing anything special for it, lol.  I worked some earlier, and all my friends were going out but the place they’re going is of course out by their houses which is like, an hr. drive for me & I don’t wanna drive that far to go drink & then have to stay out there. ;/  Oh well.  I made some delicious deviled eggs last night so I’m eating some of those right now….they remind me of family bbqs or something in the summer time.  hehe.  Except mine are much better tasting…the last ones at a family gathering were too salty and didn’t taste very good…I think I’ll make these the next time we have one and then everyone can tell me how delicious they are. ;D

Hmmm….what elseee….I’m pretty bored so I’m thinking of busting out my sims2 games lol….haven’t played that in FOREVERRR….I wish you could play online with real people b/c that seems like it’d be more fun.  Oh well lol.  I’m watching pretty in pink which I don’t really love but w/e it’s the only ok movie on right now.  I hate molly ringwald’s fugly hair in this movie…cut like a grandma n junk…not cute.  I need to go buy a new pair of jeans soon b/c I feel like all of mine are out dated or some crap lol…Idk….we’ll see if I can find any I really like 🙂  I also need to go get my hair trimmed because the back/bottom most area is growing faster than the rest & I don’t like it.

Ok well, that’s about it for now.   Ttyl!  Have a good “holiday”. 🙂

xox-Mee 🙂 <333

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