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a reflection of my weekend


By Valentina Valentine / 9 years ago / In: General ,

Valentina Valentine

Valentina Valentine

So I haven’t been on this weekend really. I had family functions back to back (ugh)… Saturday I had to go to a bday party for a cousin on my mom’s side of the family.. and all day today I was at my dad’s for a late bday party for me, my aunt, and my cousin (a little combined bday celebration… all our bdays are only a couple of weeks apart).

My parent’s are divorced and hanging out with the two different sides of the family back to back makes me realize how different they both are!! It’s insane.. Not only are my parent’s total opposites, but so are their families. And I feel like I don’t really fit in with either side!

Hanging out with my mom’s family on Saturday was weird because I feel like everyone there really lacks a lot of class… I’m not going to go into it, but some of their topics of conversation about disgusting topics, went on for juuust a little bit too long.

Then with my dad’s side of the family… I just feel so awkward being there as well. I get along with my dad, but his sister (my aunt) can be such a stuffy c*nt sometimes. She is sooo out of touch w/ the real world it’s not even funny. She thinks that everyone in the world has a perfect relationship and everything is all hearts and butterflies. Mental illness does not exist according to her. Politicians NEVER hire prostitutes because all husbands are in love with their wives… (uh huhh..)  She seems so sheltered to me.. even though she’s almost 60.

She holds such high expectations… brags about her doctor husband… all of her cars… Everything is a show to her. She sips her expensive wine. Talks about all of her travels and how cultured she is. Total control freak. She used to give us namecards so we all had assigned seating even at supposed “casual” get togethers. My dad is nothing like her… but just being around his family, makes me feel awkward like I don’t fit in.

Basically my mom’s side of the family… they’re rednecks… my dad’s side of the family…  they’re just like these “holyier than thou” (no literally, my aunt used to be nun) delusional people.

My mom is also nothing like her family… She barely drinks… Her family loooves to suck down cases of cheap beer! She doesn’t talk about disgusting things… very quiet… reserved, controlled woman. My father… also is nothing like his family.  He’s like the black sheep almost. He’s very witty, in touch with reality, hilarious, likes to drink… all around fun guy… and his family is a bunch of stiffs. Whenever he makes a joke, I’m usually the only one laughing.. but whatever! I love my dad.

Idk.. makes me wonder how the hell my parent’s were born into the families they were born into and also, how they got married in the first place and stayed married for seventeen years, since they, themselves, are so opposite!

But yeah, anyways, family functions are so strange for me!! Back to back this weekend, was enough for me until Christmas!

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