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Paige: Bandcamp Geekette?!?!


By admin / 9 years ago / In: News ,




Age: 24
Astrological sign: Aquarius (to the core)

Treybeez: Paige, first off thanks for getting with me this evening to do the interview.
Paige: No problem!

Treybeez: First question. What’s your nationality/background? You’ve got a bit of an exotic look going.
Paige: I’m a mix of first nations and German!

Treybeez: Interesting combination there, could you explain the first nations part for our readers?
Paige: It’s more of Native Canadian.
Treybeez: I see we have ourselves another Canadian beauty here.
Paige: Sometimes I get asked if there is something in the water in Canada.
Treybeez: To be honest, I believe there is something in those Canadian creeks and rivers.
Paige: Hahaha.

Treybeez: What got you interested in camming and how did you find CamWithHer?
Paige: So I cammed for the first time when I was 19, and I really really loved it! Then I took some time off from camming to do other stuff. Lux was actually the one that pointed me in the direction of CamWithHer! Thank god she did! The first time I heard about camming was through this friend of mine. I knew that she was making good money and I really wanted to know what she was doing. It took her like a month before she would tell me/
Treybeez: Best kept secret on the net, hehe.
Paige: It so is!
Treybeez: And thanks to your friend and Lux, we now have you in the fold.
Paige: Exactly. I’m really glad she introduced me to the site.

Treybeez: What makes Paige stand out in the crowd? Do you have any special interests that most folks think you wouldn’t like?
Paige: Well I am really into quantum physics. I read a lot of books on it. It’s something that really fascinates me! And when I was younger I played the flute . . . and yes, I did go to band camp.
Treybeez: One time at band camp . . .
Paige: I swear I heard that all through high school. There was me and these two other girls that I used to hang out with, and the band geeks wouldn’t really talk to us. We were shunned!
Treybeez: Shun the cool girls…shunnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

Treybeez: What’s a common misconception about you?
Paige: Well in my city I go-go dance with a bunch of girls. And sometimes people thing that I’m just a dumb bar star (and I’m not thank you very much!), or that I’m going to be a bitch and that also isn’t true.
Treybeez: Can’t say that about a lady that’s into quantum physics!

Treybeez: Sweet, smart and dance skills . . . powerful combination indeed. Rumor has it you like those things called computers. Shed some light on the subject for us.
Paige: Since I started camming I spent a lot of time on computers. Also in school I took classes in Photoshop, and Illustrator. I love those programs! Since I spend so much time in front of a computer, I have to be able to keep myself occupied. I have movies on here, and even have my Wii hooked up to it!
Treybeez: Lol we’ve got another artist in the building! What’s your style of art in Photoshop?
Paige: Well, I really like doing things with photographs and I guess a digital mixed media. But I guess that all Photoshop is. I’m still learning Photoshop, but sometimes I do tutorials and stuff to help me out. I am a nerd. Talk nerdy to me.
Treybeez: Talk nerdy, eh? *note to self: mention the latest capacity in hard drives*

Treybeez: Let’s see . . . how would you describe yourself?
Paige: An open-minded, sexy woman. I have always been really outgoing, and I love to meet new people. But under it all I’m just a sex kitten.

Treybeez: What was the strangest/funniest thing that has happened during your webcam career?
Paige: On the last site that I worked on there were two really odd things that happened. This one man wanted me to purchase crickets from a pet store, and step all over them in my high heels. He liked to pretend that he was an inch tall and all these giant women were trying to squish him. I’m all about kinky, but this crossed the line for me.
Treybeez: Guess he wanted his “Attack of the 50 ft. Paige” fantasy fulfilled.
Paige: Yeah there was no way I could do that.
Treybeez: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened?
Paige: I don’t think I have really had a lot of funny things happen to me while camming, just odd requests. Nothing shocks me anymore!

Treybeez: When you’re out with your friends and a guy approaches you , what’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?
Paige: Ok the other night I was out and was sitting at the bar waiting for a friend, when this guy walked up to me and told me I had nice ankles. He then asked me if he could wrap his fingers around it and I said, ‘No, that would be kind of creepy.’ Next thing I know, he did it! What the hell!?
Treybeez:Total invasion of ankle rights. What did you do?
Paige: Then he said — and I swear this is true — ‘I saw your body and I thought you looked good, but when I saw your face . . . you know what tony the tiger says right? They’re Greeeeeeeeeeat!’ And that kinda doesn’t even make sense. Is my face and body the “they’re” in that sentence? I did not know what to do. Thank god my friend showed up and was able to save me.
Treybeez: Another mishap in the world of pickups. Good friend to the rescue.

Treybeez: What would be your drink of choice?
Paige: I’m all about vodka and soda. Well grey goose and soda, no lime. Always in a short glass.
Treybeez: Classy. Plus grey goose, excellent choice in vodka.
Paige: Thank you very much.

Treybeez: On the topic of food items, what’s your favorite food?
Paige: I’m not picky at all! I do have a HUGE sweet tooth and love cheesecake. I live on the west coast, so food here is really healthy but so amazing! And I’m a big fan of sushi, too.
Treybeez: Do you have a favorite roll that you order each time?
Paige: This restaurant I frequent has one that is fresh salmon, mango, roe, seaweed and rice. It is so good! It’s called the mango salmon roll.

Treybeez: What’s your favorite type of music to listen to, and what song gets your body moving at a club/party?
Paige: Group-wise, I’m really into the Postal Service, Shiny Toy Guns, things like that. But my main love is house and electro! Deep bass is what gets my booty shaking. And I also like Hot Hot Heat and the Killers, too.

Treybeez: Where can our readers find you?
Paige: Well, they can find me on and if they are feeling friskier than normal.
Treybeez: Frisky is, as frisky does. Thank you so much for your time!

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