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By Valentina Valentine / 9 years ago / In: General ,

Valentina Valentine

Valentina Valentine

sooo let’s seeee… i feel like i haven’t blogged in a while! umm basically i’ve just been swamped w/ school work… i was out of school sick for a little while b/c i have a terrible immune system and when i finally come back to my sales management class, my professor starts talking about how our oral presentations are due for our group project!

and im like ‘whaaat!!!’ i was totally not prepared at all…. so i went and talked to my group and asked them if they knew anything about this.. and they were like “oh yeahh.. we all got together and wrote an essay and made a presentation” im like “umm thanks for telling me guys..” and they were like “ohh we assumed you werent in the group any more b/c you haven’t been in class” i was like “nooo.. ive been sickkk” and they were like “ok well you can just read off of our essay” but then i got pissed b/c it didnt even have my name on it! (like seriously guys, thanks for making assumptions). i got all stressed out and just got up and left class… so now i’m probably going to have to withdraw.. and retake the class again next semester… that also means that i dont get my money back for the class if i withdraw, but since im so far behind i dont see how i can possibly salvage my grade…. god, i hate group projects!

ohhh yeahh and totally off topic, but my room has been a total mess lately… i havent been closing any of my dresser drawers and theyre just filled w/ clothes… and yesterday, i put ONE shirt into my drawer and the ENTIRE dresser toppled over.. i saw this was happening so i tried to get the hell out of the way b/c i knew i couldn’t lift it back up but it ended up landing on my leg… ouchh!! so now it hurts!! so fair warning to everyone… close your dresser drawers loll

ok that is all for now…. until my next vlog… which should be debuting next week.. i’m going to show you all my sweeeeeeet apartment haha ;D


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