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Good morning blog readers


By Jenn / 9 years ago / In: General ,



It’s about six a.m. here for me on this lovely march fifth, I woke up after sleeping about ohh…five hours or so.  Sleep is hard for me lately, what can I say.  Anywho- it’s still dark outside right now.  I’m drinking honey lemon ginseng green tea (hot) which I just made, and eating some fresh fruit pieces; melon, honey dew, grapes, blue berries, and pineapple.  You know, I never really understood why they call pineapple “pineapple” it doesn’t come from a  pine tree, and it isn’t any sort of close to an apple.  What the fuck were you thinking when you named that, pineapple namer???  I really would like to know!  It’s quite ridiculous to me and I think we need to have a talk.  lol.

Soooooooooooooooooo….Idk what I’ll be doing today…I want to go tanning, I know it’s horrid for the skin and all that crap, but hey…It’s relaxing, it will get me out of the house for awhile, & I’ll get tan.  On the down side I could get leather gross skin if I go every day for the next 20 years (lol) and also could get skin cancer and die, eh well…such is life & everything gives you cancer now a days!  hah.  My tulips appear to be slightly sickly already…I’m a bad flower taker carer of-er?? Yeah.  well, maybe I can save them by emptying the water, cutting them on that odd diagonal under the running water, re-adding water to the vase, adding the food & then putting the flowers back in…I dunno though.  Flowers are tricky for me.

xox-Mee <333

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