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People.. grr.


By Jenna / 9 years ago / In: Rants ,



I am living in this apartment through a sub-lease, and one of the conditions that I talked with the previous guy was about the pet deposit. He already had one here, and since the previous tenants broke the lease early, they couldn’t get the refund so they said if I want to, they could transfer the deposit under our name and I wouldn’t have to worry about paying a cent for my cat. That was all understood and agreed on. Then about 3 weeks after we moved in, I was coming home from class and my apartment is right next to the office, and I saw the previous guy hanging around there, so I went in. Turns out his fiancee that also lived here, says that we owe them $100 for the deposit. The girl that works in the office and I were looking at each other like WTF is going on here? I seriously thought I didn’t owe anyone anything. She went on and on about how they had to pay for all of it and since they were moving out that early, blah blah, they couldn’t get the $100 like they should. Doesn’t make any sense. After they left, I sat down and talked to the apartment manager. She said that I don’t owe the apartment ANYTHING since everything transferred in our name and she also thought that I didn’t owe them anything either. It doesn’t make any sense that before we were moving in, the guy NEVER mentioned us giving him $100 and they were also being shady about the move-in deposit and stuff. We were supposed to give the money to the APARTMENT management but they called me several times saying that we needed to give them that money, so I made a rebuttal saying I had talked to the right people, blah blah. The guy keeps coming every week nearly knocking down our door and leaving notes “Hey, you need to call about the deposit, please call at this number, and I’m coming back tomorrow” The reason why I am getting mad is because they are harassing us for the money 3 weeks AFTER everything was supposed to be said and done, and the guy NEVER said anything about us having to pay him money. It’s extremely annoying for him to be harassing us. We have tried to tell him that he said I wouldn’t owe anything for the pet deposit but his fiancee is saying something else. The management also had a good point, since they never made it in writing or anything, this whole thing should be void! If he continues to harrass, I’m going to have to take it to the police because this is getting ridiculous. The only reason why I didn’t give my cat away was because of the free deposit. If i had known about this, I would have given her away. People are freaking¬† annoying sometimes… GRR.

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