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Watch Out MotorCross, Here Comes Kylie!


By admin / 9 years ago / In: News ,




When it comes to beauty and professionalism there is one star at CamWithHer that usually always shines on top. I’m talking of none other than Kylie, a camgirl that has worked her way up in no time into the heart of everyone who got the chance to glance at one of her videos. Kylie, who is also a model at , has a lot of experience as a camgirl but that’s not the only reason why she is so perfect.

Her childhood shaped her a lot and she definitely didn’t have it easy.

“I went to a Catholic school from 2nd to 7th grade. Wearing the uniforms and NO makeup!!! I hated that part.”

That was also the time when Kylie developed her adventurous side.

Kylie: “I was more of a tomboy in my childhood. Always climbing trees, never playing with dolls. I played a lot of sports like basketball, softball and my favorite: volleyball.”

trada: “Does that mean you got along well with boys and girls?”

Kylie: “Yeah I would say so. I still ran after the boys when I was younger, even though I wasn’t that girly.”

But that’s not the only thing that Kylie had to experience in her childhood. While she was still growing up, a much more difficult situation had to influence her.

Kylie: “It was my dad who influenced me the most. He put me through a lot. We never got along and he had a drug issue. Seeing him lose his family all so quickly really made me a stronger person – inside and outside. I definitely learned from his mistakes.”

trada: “That must be a sensitive topic to you.”

Kylie: “I would say so. But it’s not really hard for me to talk about. Simply because it’s something I have been dealing with for a long time… so it makes it easier to talk about.”

So these experiences led her to where she is now: A grown up sexy 23-year-old woman that knows what she wants. But how did her life as a camgirl start?

Kylie: “Let me think… A little over a year ago is when I became a wonderful CWH model. I actually was a camgirl on a couple other sites until I found CWH. I wasn’t happy with the sites I was on and just did a random search on Google one day for other camsites and found CWH.”

trada: “Being a moderator on CWH, I know it can become hectic and stressful on here. What differs CWH from other sites you worked for?”

Kylie: “CWH is way more interactive. All the other sites just consisted of me getting online to cam and nothing else. CWH has the amazing forum where we get to interact with the members and there is a lot more. The other sites never had anything like memberchats, blogs, contest, etc. I also feel safe at CWH. On the other camsites, guys could just be rude and there wasn’t much done about it.”

trada: “And if you had to point out one thing about CWH that you like most, what would it be and why?”

Kylie: “How about two things? I love the other camgirls!! The girls are so nice and always there to help if you need them. And then there is all the oh so nice members and other people on the forums. Always leaving such nice comments on my pictures and always there to chat, too. Even if it’s about nothing. Just post anywhere in the forums and there is always someone to talk to.”

With that much experience and a strong mind like Kylie’s, you are bound to be successful. But arent there any memorable moments that you wouldn’t want to miss? And what about the infamous CWH meetings?

“I do try to keep everything professional when I am camming but sometimes things just happen. I have two tiny chihuahuas and keeping them out of the room can be a pain. So once in awhile they end up on cam. Either it’s them fighting or you randomly see a head pop on screen,” the blonde goddess says.

“I have only had the opportunity to go on two CWH trips and I did attend to one of them. It was a great time and I finally got to meet a couple of the other girls. After the photo shoot and everything, I was very happy I made the decision to go. I was nervous at first but that went away quickly.”

Talking about photo shoots, modeling and enjoying the time with other hotties might get you to think that Kylie wants to go into the modeling business sooner or later. But beware.

Kylie: “I love feeling sexy. It’s fun for now, but not something I would consider my full-time job. I‘m not 100% sure on what I want to do. I‘m in the process of figuring that out.”

trada: “Do you have a direction that you tend to? Like business or maybe something with art or music?”

Kylie: “I would say business. I have been around motocross/supercross for a long time and I would love to get involved in that. I have a couple options available to me so I’ll see what happens.”

Getting into the motorcross business sounds like a challenge and the chance of your life at the same time. But what could go wrong if you’re as determined and smart as Kylie? We wish her all the best for that.

However, when you’re as busy and determined as Kylie, there has got to be something to distract you every now and then. What is it that keeps this hottie sane?

Kylie: “I’m always up to trying new trends and what not. But I‘m always going to be no matter what.”

trada: “And what do you like to do in your free time?”

Kylie: “Definitely listening to music. Spending time with my Chi’s and friends. I try to get my butt in the gym when I can. And I tend to go out on the weekend to a club/bar. I like to dance, it’s a great workout!! Ohh and watching my Grey’s (Grey’s Anatomy)!! Which is making me SO mad right now because of the damn writers strike.“

trada: “Do you also have an inspiration or a person that you look up to? Someone or something that always keeps you going no matter what?”

Kylie: “Yes, my cousin Melanie. She passed away 1 year ago actually. I‘m not that close to my extended family but I was close to her. She was very driven and went after her dream to work for the government. She worked very hard to make it where she did and always had a smile on her face. She left us unexpectedly and left a lot of people sad and missing her. She was such a great person to know and she was and still is definitely an inspiration to me.”

If this has made you curious then you should check Kylie out on and

~ Interview by Trada

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