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MiaCiara: CamWithHer's First Solo Model


By admin / 9 years ago / In: News ,




Hello friends. Today I have the privilege of interviewing’s own Mia Ciara.

Treybeez: A lot of people probably ask you what your background is. Shed some light on the subject for us.

Mia: Well my momma is Native American and my daddy is an Italian. I grew up in a house where we didn’t have to wear sunscreen because we were Chocolate babies and Italians don’t burn!! We lived on a lake where I morphed into a fish in the summers (to swim like deep sea diver) and an Indian ski bunny in the winter. Also I have lived in the same state all my life.

Treybeez: Sounds like an interesting combination of genes there.

Treybeez:How long have you been on CWH and what has the experience been like for you?

Mia: I have been on CWH for almost 2 years now..and I LOVE IT! It’s the best job ever!! It allows me to make my own hours and work from home , so i can spend more time with my kitty cats! My experience on CWH has been amazing. I have made so many new friends that I love and adore. I don’t think I could have met better girls in real life!! i don’t just mean ‘internet friends ‘ either. I know I could count on any of them to help.

What inspires you daily?
Mia: My inspiration is to live better. I want to do everything better everyday. I don’t have anyone to help me so I do what I can for myself. I try to provide for my younger brothers and my friends. I remember what it was like growing up not being able to have things I needed. I want to live comfortably. So you can say that is my true inspiration.

What are some things you’re interested in, or want to learn more about if you had the time?
Mia: Personally, since I have acquired my new loves (Rambo and Cchweetie) I’ve realized how special little furry creatures are. So I’m trying to learn more about caring for animals…and foreign languages…anything I can get in my brain . I’m not sure why (other than my dream about being in the secret service), but I would like to speak as many as languages as possible.

Treybeez: Agent Ciara. That has a ring to it! And the foreign language is Spanish right? How is that coming along?

Mia: Muy bien!!

Treybeez: Muy bien mi amiga….you are learning well!

If you weren’t camming, what you’d be doing job-wise?
Mia: If I wasnt camming, geez…i would probably be doing a lot of other things like i do now! I like to keep myself busy doing things I enjoy, like dancing, playing with kids. etc.

Did you play sports growing up?
Mia: I never really played a lot of ‘sports’ until middle school. My parents had me in a lot of dance classes (tap, ballet, jazz, Hawaiian, hip hop). I took those until high school where i switched it up for softball. Catcher baby yea!!! Then I graduated and continued to dance. I LOVE dancing. and yes it’s a sport!!!

Treybeez: What kind of ink do you have done?

Mia: I have two on my lower stomach(A heart with C and a symbol of love) that i thought were so cool when i was 16. I just had to get one done! I remember my mom was like “Yea right, ask your father if you can get a tattoo.”
Little did she know my dad would do anything for a little persuasion and 20 dollars! I told him the plan, he signed off, and picked me up when they were done. I also have infinity on my neck with some special symbols in it that my bff and I got together.
I would like another one, but some people are so stereotypical about them these days. All my tattoos can be hidden now, but i don’t want to have the problem of “Oh, how do I hide them?”

Treybeez: What are some of your other interests?

Mia: Some of my other interests include dancing , going to the gym, and reading. I read like 3-4 books a week, depending on how much spare time I have. I LOVE to dance, oh it’s just so much fun!!

Treybeez: What’s your favorite music genre?

Mia: Hip to the Hop….but I also love some ‘soul touchin’ jams.’ Alicia Keys is my favorite right now. Her new CD is beyond amazing. I don’t think I have ever endorsed a CD before. Have her people give me a call!!!

Treybeez: No doubt. I’ve had a chance to listen to it. It is a very good CD. So we can catch Mia in the club gettin’ her dance on?

Mia:Yea, you can catch me jammin’!!!!!!! I’m the best dancer in any club. I don’t dance like a hoe…I’ve got rhythm.

Treybeez:Tell our readers out there where we can find you.

Mia:You can find me at CamWithHer.Com (of course), and

~ Interview by Brad

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