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Meet Miss Independent a.k.a. Jenn


By admin / 9 years ago / In: News ,




Rising at the crack of noon and donning a set of gray sweats, a petite figure stretches her arms over her head as she steps into the kitchen. She sets her coffee maker to On and gets her three dogs ready to go out; Chloe, (a black and white Pekinese) Satan, (a tan and white Chihuahua) and their precious child, Meatball are all waiting anxiously as she prepares some breakfast.

Yawning, she glances at the clock. She has some errands to run today, so she woke up extra early. She eventually turned in at 6 a.m. the night before. While she’s waiting for her food to cook, she flips on her computer and checks for any new messages. She’s planning to be available on cam throughout the day between bouts of shopping. This 24-year-old, 5-foot brunette bombshell is none other than Jenn from stardom.

Strong-willed, adventurous, and diligent with a take-no-crap attitude, Jenn grew up as an independent and was determined to stay that way.

“My parents would be responsible for how I am now. People like them are usually people I don’t like. My mom was always one of those weak types of women who didn’t stand up for herself or take action to better herself, and my dad was one of those condescending douches.”

And if there’s one thing that Jenn hates, it’s condescending douchebags. Even when she was young, Jenn was self-reliant and ambitious. She tended to ignore people who would try to limit her achievements. She had a rough childhood, but it only made her stronger.

“I’m a person who is good at doing things that need to be done. When I was little, I wanted to do everything. I just wanted to be successful in whatever I did and happy with my life. [My biggest fear] is probably being a failure and growing old to be a homeless bum. Hahah, seriously. I don’t have people to help me out with anything, so basically how it goes depends on what I can do for myself.”

But apparently, she can do much for herself. She has aspirations and dreams, and never loses sight of the big picture of being satisfied every day. Much of her life is still an open canvas, but when asked about her ideal career, she replied:

“I like creative things, so probably something I could make artistically that people would want to buy. That’d be pretty cool.”

Jenn’s visual creativity shines through her work on the forums, be it banners, wallpapers, or avatars.

“Probably everyone on CWH knows I like to draw or do digital art. I like to paint stuff like sculptures or statues. I would paint on canvas, but that’s really expensive.”

And it’s not just on the computer screen that Jenn’s unique style comes through. She is also evidently quite the culinary artist.

“I’m pretty good at it,” she says, modestly. “Something I make often is garlic pepper crusted steak with reduced balsamic vinegar that you pour over it after grilling. Let it sit for about ten minutes and it turns out all juicy and delicious. Or chicken wings and drums that you season with Goya poultry seasoning. Then mix teriyaki, a Mexican hot sauce, and garlic together to marinate them all and then grill them.”

Her favorite type of cuisine is American. Choosing any one culture’s food would be limiting herself, and predictably, Jenn opts for what she knows is a melting pot of different influences.

And the fiery brunette is also a skilled practitioner of making men’s mouths water outside of the dining room table. Jenn is no stranger to camming. She’s a veteran who operated a site with her twin four years ago. Once that had run its course, she decided to check out CWH through the recommendation of a fellow camgirl. She’s never been one to restrict herself or pretend to be something she’s not, so CWH seemed like a perfect fit for her and a drastic change from the standard of online camming.

“At CWH, most people get to know and understand you instead of ripping on you or just calling you a bitch because you actually have things to say other than ‘Tee hee, I’m so hot. Come sex me.’ This was my main problem interacting with my old stuff. People didn’t want to hear anything except stuff like that and if you were any other way, you were just a raging bitch with problems, hahah. Here, they act like you’re more of a person than just some dumb internet slut.”

Jenn has always demanded respect in her life and it is no different with her work. She was pleasantly surprised to find that CWH held those same standards.

“The interaction is similar, except at CWH, people aren’t allowed to be assholes. It keeps CWH a fun, happy place and not a burning hole of flame wars and junk,” she laughs. “Of course, I work on a sexy site, but I don’t think having only one personality makes you successful. CWH is more of a classy image. We can be ourselves and don’t have to act one certain, pre-determined way. No one would really get to know or like your personality when you act like you don’t have one.”

And that would be a damn shame. She’s been at CWH for about a year and a half now and has never looked back.

In her spare time, Jenn likes camping and doing outdoorsy activities when she’s able. If it’s new and looks like fun, she’s willing to try it. She also loves to watch anime.

“I watched it when I was little and liked it, so once I got older I found it interesting that there were shows more geared towards adults. I was like ‘Wooo, awesome!’”

“I think the oldest one I really remember is that Last Unicorn movie. That was sad,” she reminisces. “But then there was Pokemon and all that when I was a bit older. I still liked other cartoons, but stuff like that was more creative and whimsical or something. Not just like stupid animals farting and hurting each other, hahah.”

Her favorites right now are Maria Sama Ga Miteru, Strawberry Panic, Death Note, and Burst Angel, but she admits that she’s horrible at picking favorites. More add to the list constantly!

Jenn’s also a bit of a movie buff, her tastes ranging from classic comedies to troubled dramas.

“I like funny ones like Zoolander, Superstar, Supertroops, etc., but I also really like the dramatic/tragic type movies like Girl Interrupted, Virgin Suicides, or Trainspotting. It’s depressing, but in a good way. I like the style it’s done in and how some parts are all whacked out.”

She also enjoys reading personal accounts during times of war in her spare time. Dramatic tales of survival intrigue her, and it’s only natural since Jenn is a survivor, always willing to fight for what she knows she deserves.

To her fans, she sends a very simple message, but one that holds a lot of meaning between the words: “Thanks for being a fan. You’re all awesome!” Short, but sweet. Just like Jenn.

~ Interview by Will

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