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Ashleigh: CamWithHer's Very Own Martha Stewart


By admin / 9 years ago / In: News ,




Age: 23
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Brown, but gets greener when I’m angry haha
Zodiac: Leo….hear me roar bitches.

Wickedone : OK Ashleigh, thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview with me. Now, let’s start nice and slow shall we? What is your best memory growing up?

Ashleigh : My favorite memories when I was a child were of my family camping trips. My family are avid campers, and I used to go all over during the summers. I’ve been to the East Coast of Canada, Vermont, Maine, Northern Canada…it was a time when I got to relax and kind of enjoy nature in its finest. That, and I loved Christmas- who doesn’t?

Wickedone : Nice. Girls don’t like camping usualy. Kudos to you! Name 3 things you could never live without.

Ashleigh : Ouch, good question. Hmm… Lip chap for sure, I’m such a lip chap junkie. Shopping…it’s my biggest stress reliever. And then it’s a toss up between good food, and good sex.

Wickedone : Girls and their shopping, gotta love it. Do you have any pets?

Ashleigh : I do! I have a chihuahua who’s two years old named Abbie. I also have two cats, my boy cat is named Molson and my girl cat is named Little Kitty. And no, she’s not so little, haha.

Wickedone : Haha, Abbie. What a wonderful name. What do you do when you’re not showing off your body on CamWithHer? Any hobbies in particular? Or do you just lounge in a thong and tank top watching tv all day?

Ashleigh : Well, as stated earlier, I love shopping so I try to do that once in awhile when my bank account affords me that haha. I love watching the Food Network on my lazy days, and I actually recently started learning how to play piano, so that’s been taking up some of my free time. Other than those things though…any free time slots in my day are filled with one-on-one time with my Rabbit, hehe.

Wickedone : Food network you say? Perfect. Ashleigh, it is said that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach (and also somewhere below the stomach). Are you a good cook? If so, what is your specialty?

Ashleigh : I am actually an excellent cook! I’ve been cooking since a young age and I like to say that I’m a younger, hotter and less criminal version of Martha Stewart, haha. I cook a lot of Italian, a lot of home cooked dishes like meatloaf and pot roasts…but my favorite thing to cook is anything on the BBQ. Nothing makes me happier and makes a man happier than a woman who can grill.

Wickedone : Oh dear god, you got that right! A woman working a grill that knows what she’s doing…that is hot. Let me ask you, is it true you can eat more then some of us grown men?

Ashleigh : I’m here to confirm that, yes: what you hear about my eating skillz is true. I’ve out-eaten many guys at normal restaurants, and have yet to be out-eaten at a buffet by anyone. Not to say I’m a pig…but I enjoy food and for some reason my stomach just doesn’t get full when I’m faced with something delicious!

Wickedone : Wow! Well, that makes you a keeper in my book, lol. Speaking of which. If any of us had a chance to marry you…, in the long run, tell us….how many times a week? *wink wink* (And no, I’m not talking about how many times a week you’d make us clean the bathroom)

Ashleigh : I’m a bit of a nympho. I like to orgasm everyday, whether through sex or masturbation, so I’d have to say at LEAST once a day, everyday of the week. Whomever I end up marrying better be up to the challenge!

Wickedone : I’ll say. That will be one hell of a lucky man that’s for sure. If we could take a quick peek into your home, what could we expect to see? Messy with clothes all over the place or spotless like in those Mr.Clean commercials?

Ashleigh : A bit of both I’d say. My kitchen is always spotless, as are my bathrooms and living room. But as soon as you hit the bedrooms, theres lots of clothes all over. I have a horrible habit of just dropping my clothes wherever I get undressed and just leaving them there until laundry day. So my house is really clean…just a tad bit untidy in the bedrooms, haha.

Wickedone : Very nice. Some people on the site might remember you recorded a video of yourself playing Beast And The Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold on Guitar Hero II. Are you a big fan of video games in general or just that one?

Ashleigh : I’m very selective with my video games…I’m not a huge gamer (sorry guys haha) but I do enjoy a few games and play them often. I love Guitar Hero, I really like the Call of Duty games, and I really enjoy the Mario Party series. Definitely a good party game. Oh…and I’ve recently played the Wii for the first time and OMG I want one. SOOO friggin’ fun!

Wickedone : Wow, GH & Call Of Duty?? I’m sure you’ve made alot of new fans of yourself with that answer. And speaking of you making silly videos on the forum….would you mind telling the readers about that one video you made with, what was it, oh yeah……syrup? What was that about?

Ashleigh : Oh…my…god. I can’t believe you brought that up, hahaha. I’m already gagging at the thought of it. Long story short…I got in a bit of a “truth or dare” match with a member of the site. He dared me to chug a bottle of syrup in eight minutes. Well…I tried! I went on cam and recorded my attempt but I was only able to down half of the bottle before I had to stop. That vid is still circulating the web so if you haven’t seen it yet….well, don’t. It’s so gross, haha.

Wickedone : Haha, I’m sorry. But it just goes to show the community on the CWH forum has to be pretty special in order for you to go that far to entertain the members. Well done. You’re hardcore. Do you have any piercings and tattooes? Do you regret any of them?

Ashleigh : I have five piercings in my ears, my nose pierced and my navel pierced. I also have two tattoos, one by my pelvis, its a butterfly (I know, I know….lame) but I love it mostly because of the memories that come along with it. My other tattoo is on my back, it’s another butterfly with some tribal wrapping around it, but I hate that one. I’m contemplating getting it removed, or adding on to it to make it more meaningful.

Wickedone : Are you a movie and music buff? Tell us what you like.

Ashleigh : This is going to sound weird, but I don’t watch alot of movies. I have to really want to see something if I’m gonna go watch it. I do love horror movies though, I love gore. As far as music goes…my tastes are pretty vast. I love alot of older rock and metal, like Metallica (pre-Black album of course) Sabbath and Queen. I do enjoy a bit of modern rock, like System of a Down and Tool. I also like alot of other random stuff. I’ve been listening to alot of Metric lately, I love Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Josh Groban and Matt Good. You might even catch me listening to a bit of pop, too. But shhh, don’t tell anyone that.

Wickedone : Pre-Black album huh? Impressive… any metalheads out there? This girl knows her stuff! Do you like traveling Ashleigh? If so, what are the last few trips you’ve made?

Ashleigh : I do love travelling but unfortunately haven’t really been able to do alot of it in recent years. I did however make it over to Berlin, Germany three months ago and it was such an awsome time. I went over to visit Marie, a really good friend of mine for the last few years and coincidentally another fellow camgirl on CWH. We did alot of sightseeing, shopping and of course, I had my own fun with her, too.

Wickedone : Oh yes, i remember the memberchat you did together. Readers, do yourselves a favor and become a member of CWH and check out that memberchat archive. You’ll love it! Now, what is the thing you’re the most proud of that you’ve accomplised in your life so far?

Ashleigh : You know what, just living life and getting stuff done makes me proud. I didn’t have an easy time growing up, and was forced to move out of my parents home at a fairly young age while being told that I would fail in life. This is all going to sound overdone and cliche, but I seriously was left standing with $200 to my name and nowhere to go. Within the last five years however I’ve gotten jobs, relocated to a new city, worked my way through college, and most recently started up a photography business after I graduated. That makes me proud, knowing that not only have I completely taken care of myself, but I’ve succeeded without anyone’s help or assistance. That makes me trust myself and know that I can handle whatever comes my way.

Wickedone : Only thing i can say to that is, way to go Ashleigh! What are your goals?

Ashleigh : I have alot of goals. As much as I want my business to flourish, I’d also like to go back to school and study something health related, like Veterinary Medicine or Nursing. It intrigues me and I’d love to make a difference. On a more superficial note, I’d love to travel more, buy a house and one day settle down with a family. I’d also like to meet and fuck Amy Lee. That’d be something special.

Wickedone : Good call on Amy Lee. That would be wicked. Name one thing you absolutly need to do or see before you die.

Ashleigh : Thats a hard one to answer. I actually have a list on my fridge of things I want to do before I die. I really can’t pick one. Honorable mentions are: Chase tornados, overcome my fear of clowns. dine-and-dash, swim in a tubful of Jello, spend a day feeding the homeless, and of course….fuck Amy Lee.

Wickedone : Coooooool. I’m up for a dine-and-dash, call me, lol. Here’s an important question. Tell us…what REALLY goes on in girls locker rooms? (I’m not asking for me…i’m just…asking on the reader’s behalf. Yeah, that’s it.)

Ashleigh : We all meet up naked in the showers and soap up each others titties and asses. Occasionally we’ll slip a finger in. (Sorry dude, I can’t be responsible for ruining the fantasy of every guy out there, haha)

Wickedone : Well that almost worked guys…hey i gave it a shot right? Now lets end this with some quick and short answer questions.

Favorite Tv Show? Tossup between Grey’s Anatomy or Robot Chicken.
Favorite Book/Mag? Any cookbook makes me happy.
Favorite thing you like to sleep in? In the summer, I like a tank and boyshorts. In the winter, sorry guys…I whip out the button down flannel pj’s. I’m in Canada, I need the warmth!
Favorite kind of alcohol? I’m primarily a beer drinker, but if I’m not drinking that, you can usually find me doing shots of tequila.
Favorite Sex Toy? My rabbit hands down. It pleases all my spots.
Favorite Sexual Position? Me on top, I love being in control and it hits my gspot sooooo good.
Anal, Y/N (Abbie wanted to know…lol)? No cocks in there, but I like a finger or two.
Got all your fingers and toes? Yep I sure do!!!

Wickedone : Awesome! Well Ashleigh, thank you very much for taking the time to answer all these questions. It has been an absolute pleasure to do this with you and may I say you are incredible. Any last words to our readers?

Ashleigh : Just wanna give a shoutout to all the awesome guys and girls at CWH and hope to all that are reading to come check out the site, it’s unbelievably sexy and I’d love to show you a good time.

~ Interview by Luc

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