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Busy Day!


By Katrina Taylor / 9 years ago / In: Entertainment , Girl Stuff , Rants

Katrina Taylor

Katrina Taylor

Katrina Taylor in da house…What! What! Hehehehe…I’m so crazy and horny too! I woke up this morning with the biggest hard on ever, my titts that is! LOL…Anyways,today is Sat and I’ve got tons of hard work to do! I’ve got to go and renew my gym membership, go grocery shopping, and pay my cell bill online.Lots of hard work right? Well, to me, anytime I have to get out of the bed…that’s HARDWORK! My father is ill and in the hostpital so I am trying to stay as drunk as possible to get through all of this! I’ve been dieting hardcore so I know the amount of achohol that I’ve been consuming isn’t helping! I NEED MORE SEX, so that I can burn more calories! COME HELP ME PLEASE! My computer seems to be running all janky too due to this spyware stuff that I think is trying to takeover my hardrive.O’ well….I’m going to still keep camming….”THE SHOW MUST GO ON”! When I was a cheerleader long, long,long, long,long time ago..hehhehehehe…that’s what my instructor used to always say.So now that I’m a BIG TITT adult now, I reference to that motto all the time to get me through my day.Now come cam with me to see those ”BIG TITTS” I was talking about! Ciao!

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