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i hate this weather!


By Valentina Valentine / 9 years ago / In: General ,

Valentina Valentine

Valentina Valentine

haha, so i just drove my 20 minute drive to school… and all of the buildings were locked!! apparently school was canceled today and i’m like the only person who didn’t know about it… ??? haha ohhh well!!

hmm so it’s been really bad weather here lately.. like absolutely frigid… freezing cold… icey, snowy weather. it sucks!! after i was done camming the other night, despite the snow and ice, i decided to take a risk and drive my car over to a friend’s house anyways.. i feel like i’m lucky to be alive. i lost control of my car and almost slid into a tree, even when i pulled the e brake, my car still kept sliding… luckily, i eventually gained control.

i was about half way to my friends house when this happened so it was too late to turn back, i just drove like 5mph from then on, and then all of the sudden as i’m going around a sharp curve i see all these cars and lights.. and then i look a little closer and i see a truck literally flipped over into the woods…. like laying on it’s top… totally crushed. i stopped my car and asked if i could do anything to help, and everyone was like ‘nooo noo.. we have the ambulance coming. you should probably just leave.’ i’m still wondering if the driver was okay. it was a really gruesome accident, and so sad. i hope the person is okay ;\ i’ve never witnessed anything like that before.

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