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sabrina is….


By Sabrina / 9 years ago / In: General ,



SORE! haha…today I went grocery shopping at Cost-co and they sell a lot of their stuff in bulk. My apartment is on the second floor and there’s no elevator so I had to actually carry boxes of groceries up the stairs, with no help! My back is sore and I was panting by the time I was finished. However, I feel accomplished because my refrigerator and cabinets are stocked, they’re a lot less naked than they’ve been in the past 2 weeks 😛

So yeah, I’m going to stop drinking so much juice (too much sugar) and start drinking iced tea and water. I have been drinking more water lately anyway, so that’s good. I just finished dinner and now I’m browsing aimlessly online 😀 I’m going to do pchats later tonight. I want to start doing photo shoots again – they were fun and I met a lot of really cool people. The last few months, however, were stressful –  with me not having a steady place to live and all, so photo shoots weren’t a priority. But now that I feel more settled and secure…I wanna do them again. So keep on the lookout for some professional pix of me.

 Well, I’ve done enough rambling for now. Everyone have a good weekend….Sabs loves ya!

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