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I miss the gym…


By Nina / 9 years ago / In: General ,



  I need to join a gym badly because I feel like a cow!! Put a bell around my neck.. Moooo! Mooooo! I was apart of this ghetto gym “only” because my friends were there and I needed my support!! Than they stopped going and I wanted to quit, but I had to be there for a year before I quit… so I waited, now its a year and I asked to quit!! I couldn’t because I still had the personal training to pay, yeah the “U kept telling me to take it because my  fat is sooooo high, which means im obese right????” Fuckers!! Now im stuck there!!

What pisses me off the most is that the owner is a good friend of mine, I always help his wife out when she comes to my boutique. Once I need ur help u act like a prick. I told him that I would continue to pay for my training, but dont want to pay tha 40 an month and he told me that I had to be a member there in order to pay! I asked if I can be a free member and he said no. My friend had a free membership, so why cant they give me one?? What an ass, so when I ask him for help he acts like a shit face!

So I put my personal training under my friend’s name and canceled my membership! He told me to not be a stranger… yeah, I would LOVE to continue being ur friend..

Why did I leave the gym when I needed one? Because I moved away… and now im a 40 min drive away, there no way im gonna still go there… I want to try a women’s gym <3

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