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Kyra Feature Article


By admin / 9 years ago / In: General ,




Resident animal lover and model Kyra is no stranger to a stray roaming the streets.

Raised on a farm growing up, Kyra learned to respect animals on the same level as humans.

“I was raised on a farm with cows, horses, pigs , sheep, chickens, and of course, cats and dogs,” she said. “Surprisingly I also became a vegetarian very young! I was raised to respect animals and view them as equals ( I know it sounds very odd to people).

“My family was always into animal rescue and growing up we constantly had strays and homeless animals in our house.”

Members hanging around the forums have probably seen the plethora of pictures of dogs she’s taken in to help find homes for, as well as the numerous threads she’s started in the Pets and Animals forum.

According to her “MY PETS” thread in her personal forum, Kyra is the owner of at least 13 animals including five dogs (Mally, Jake, Toby, Victoria and J.J.), seven cats (Devil, Josey, Charlie, Sister, Kya, Louy and Lindsay) and her bunny Thumper.

The proud Canadian also hopes to one day open her own non-kill animal shelter.

“I am actually going to be involved with a new shelter that is opening in March,” said the 23-year-old, “but it won’t be mine, I will just help run it.”

Kyra’s self-described, multi-faceted personality changes depending on the initial situation, but said the same caring side of her shines through once people get to know her.

“I think there are many sides to my personality,” the blonde-haired said. “I guess it comes from being a Gemini, I can seem quiet and shy in some situations and outgoing and very talkative in another.

“I believe I am a very caring and compassionate person and I think that most people can see that once they get to talk to me.”

Just like her personality might change every now and then, so might Kyra’s own eye color – anywhere from blue to green and even gray.

Kyra also isn’t your typical girl with a pretty face, and said she doesn’t mind spending a day on a lake reeling in some fish.

“ I love to fish!,” she said, “[even if it] doesn’t seem like a very girly thing to love to do.”

What a surprise . . . another day with another animal.

At first when asked to name some of her most adventurous moments, she replied she’s a “boring, boring person,” but quickly slipped in she’s been known to have picture evidence locking lips with a girl from time to time.

Just a hunch, but not too many males would consider that very boring.

She’s also had a few embarrassing as a result of putting her foot in her mouth, she said.

“When I first moved into my house a neighbor came over and we were talking about building houses,” recalled Kyra. “I said that I was pleased to be able to pick everything out in my house and that there is nothing worse than going into a house that some builder has decorated and it has hideous lime green walls. They didn’t say much to that and I later found out that they picked the colors for their house also and chose lime green . . .”


Growing up as a child and through high school, Kyra said she was a well-behaved teacher’s pet and good student, while at the same time juggling athletics and student government involvement.

“I was a very mature child, I think that comes from not being sheltered,” she said. “My family never lied to me about silly things to protect me. I was always given the straight, honest answer to everything.”

“In high school I was part of the ‘popular’ group, but I never went to parties or really did the typical teenage activities. I was part of student council and played basketball and soccer.”

However, the self-proclaimed “good student” even had her subject she wasn’t entirely fond of.

“I am very interested in anthropology,” said Kyra, “and it would have been my major if it didn’t require a lot of science classes that I probably would have flunked! I am obviously a believer in evolution!”

A camgirl since the end of December 2005, Kyra was named co-Miss CWH along with Sweet Victoria for the hard work and helping hand she put into the Web site in 2007.

“I work with a lot of really awesome girls, so I was seriously flattered,” said Kyra, who can also be found on under the name “Kym.”

“I always post and tell new girls to contact me with any questions or concerns. I hope that I seem approachable to the girls and that they feel they can come to me for anything.”

Even with all the time that has passed since she started, her first experience on cam still stands out in her mind.

“My very first p-chat was a complete surprise,” Kyra remembered. “I was setting up the software, and I was in my PJs and wearing no makeup – my hair was a mess. I didn’t realize that once you logged in you were available for chats and people could just come in and see me.

“Needless to say, someone popped into VIP and here I was sitting there dumbfounded and surprised. He was super cool about it, though, and actually stayed and waited for me to change into a bikini.”

Camming is something the Gemini has been open about to her family and friends, even if it wasn’t her intention at first.

“They all know, I didn’t exactly tell them to be honest,” she said. “When you are a part of CWH, it is not something you can easily keep from people because we are all over the net. I don’t think it came as much of a surprise to my family, as I have always been very open with my self and my body. They can see I am happy and that makes them happy.”

Kyra said CWH also has given her financial stability, the free time to pursue her love for animals and she’s found a few friendships along the way.

“I would say that the decision to become a part of CWH definitely was life changing,” she said. “It has allowed me to do so many things that I wouldn’t have been able to do yet at this stage in my life. I have been able to purchase a home that I work from, and gives me enough time to actively pursue my passion of saving animals.

“CWH has allowed me to achieve a lot of things that I never would have imagined to have at this point. I honestly can’t imagine life without CWH. I am a bit of a home body and I honestly look at some of the girls as my best friends. I intend to keep friendships with the girls I have become close with.”

Those friendships also extend to the interaction with the members on the close-knit forum.

“I think it’s amazing that so many strangers can come together and become friends without ever actually meeting in person,” Kyra said. “I think it’s awesome that not only do members become friends with the camgirls, but I see a lot of personal relationships between the members. Hopefully when that time comes [to stop camming], Abbie will still let me stick around and interact with everyone.”

And sticking around is something Kyra intends to do and didn’t want to think about life after CWH, saying, “WHAT? Life after camming? There is no life after camming.”

~ Interview by Tracy

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