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Angelina: The Cereal Queen


By admin / 9 years ago / In: News ,




Beauty and brains are the cliche, ideal woman every man says he’s looking for. model Angelina is living proof these women really do exist, with her own twist of humor splashed into the mix. However, the path to higher education wasn’t a clear one for the hazel-eyed beauty.

“I have overcome a lot of strife in my life,” the 23-year-old said. “From putting myself through college with two jobs and full-time school, to having to always be financially independent since I was in my teens, to being the first in my entire family to go to and complete college.”

An owner of a degree in a field of cultural research, Angelina wasn’t always sure what she wanted to study, either.

“When I entered college, I couldn’t find anything that I really enjoyed. Everyone was doing business, biology, communications, etc. . . . but I never fit into any of those categories.”

Then the southern belle acted on her fascination with history, particularly ancient civilization history.

“I took my first cultural class about Mayan history and was hooked for life,” she said. “I wanted to be the next ‘Brooke Burke’ of the travel channel, like, be the hot host of ancient civilization digs.“

She also has an interest in exploring shipwrecks, but a fear of scuba-diving needs to be conquered first.

“I would love to go below, and find out the stories of these shipwrecks, who was in them, what happened, who their family was and what type of artifacts I would dig up,” Angelina said. “I would absolutely love finding the family of lost loved ones and bring back these ruins to them, I find that so heartwarming. It is so Titanic, I know, sorry.”

The heartwarming aspect is something anyone who’s already had the chance to speak to Angelina on CWH is aware of, as well as her kindness, which she attributes to the influence of her Dad’s side of her family.

“From them I have learned values, kindness, strength and acceptance of my life and myself as a person, and to not let other people take me down,” Angelina said. “They are a true southern comfort family and I want to be exactly like them all the time.”

Around the forums, it’s also well known that she has a delightful, comedic wit that she’s always throwing around. A mix of French, German, English and one-eighth Cherokee, Angelina’s humorous side even shined when she described herself as “a lil’ mut with some Indian feathers around my neck.”

Her fun-loving, big-kid personality even extends to an uncontrollable love of cereal. Yes . . . cereal.

“I am a cereal monster,” she said. “I have over 100 boxes of cereal in my house right now. No joke. I’m obsessed with cereal. I love it. I want to marry it. I will eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert. Oh and well, I just love junk food. Feed me cereal and you have the key to my heart. It’s seriously my weakness. I might need therapy.”

The energy and sugar rush from the cereal would help assist her in something she’s always wanted to learn: ballroom dancing.

“I would love to learn to salsa or merengue dance, like on Dancing with the Stars,” Angelina said. “I just have never had the time, but since I was little I have always wanted to be a professional Latin dancer, even though I don’t have one ounce of Latin in me.”

Some might ask, “How does someone named Angelina not have an ounce of Latin in her blood?” Well, the toned vixen chose the name Angelina because of actress Angelina Jolie.

“Im obsessed with Angelina Jolie,” she said. “I think she is the most gorgeous woman on this earth, and I love the warmth, passion and fire in her heart for everything in her life. From kids, to her job to her yummy selection in men! Most of all, she is just a beautiful woman, I have always wanted to be an ‘Angelina Jolie.’ This name definitely helps me feel a lot sexier.“

After dabbling in some modeling, the idea of camming arose after just a typical day out.

“One day I went out and a friend of a friend drove up in this badass car,” she recalled, “and I was like, damn what the fuck does she do? Turned out she cammed and well, the rest is history!”

Well, not quite. The matter of finding a cam site still needed to be decided, but the people and the kind values she covets made the decision an easy one.

“The forums on CWH drew me here a lot. Everyone is super friendly, nice, respectful, and all just like to have a good time. That is what I am here for!”

Angelina added, “It’s a classy site with the most beautiful camgirls on the net. CWH has had a great history and is very organized and well put together.”

Now, it wouldn’t be like Angelina without a few funny moments on cam since she joined back in November 2007.

“I was doing a show, dancing all sexy like I do,” she recalled, “had on my sexy lil’ white bra and panties and then KA-POW! My bra snapped off (broke in half from the middle) and slingshot across the room! I think he thought it was part of the show until I told him! It just popped, like made this awful rubber band snap type sound and flew off across the room!”

CWH is something the light brown-haired siren is grateful for and isn’t something she wants to let go of easily. When asked what she envisioned when she thought of the words “life after camming,” she responded:

“A big house, a nice car and a very sexually open mind. And hell, no fun at all. Camming is awesome. I will be trying to make a CWH for seniors, like CWS, Cam With Seniors. I really am going to be down about it when I get too old and wrinkly for camming!”

~ Interview by Tracy

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