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Getting to know you..


By Em / 9 years ago / In: College , General , P-Chats



getting to know all about.. um.. me 😀 lol.

I was sitting here, wondering what to blog about when it suddenly hit me, you guys actually probably don’t really know all that much about me.

So, I figured I’d ramble on a bit & try and give you a little insight into my little world & you could see how I work. Basically, I’m 21, and a girl.. in case you didnt guess 😉

I go to school 4 days every week for my Law degree (lots of reading & class prep) & it really is fun except the classes can be soooooo complicated sometimes! My classes at the moment are Contract Law, Tort Law and Constitutional & Administrative Law (which is basically politics & how the UK government work with parliament & the Queen to make laws, and how each arm of state works etc). C&A isnt really my scene, its quite boring & I find it difficult to give it much attention lol.. oopsie! I’m always in trouble for texting in classes 🙁

In case you hadn’t guessed, I live in the UK. England to be precise. Its quite cool really, but I’ve never lived anywhere else to compare it to, a girl in the year above me at Uni is from Canada, maybe someone might know her? How cool would that be!

I kinda fill my free time with pchats, horses & working in a PT retail job. So I’m kinda busy with loads of stuff! I’m also kinda interested in travel, music, and animals are my passion. I’ve just moved house, so I wanna try growing veggies & stuff in an area of my garden as soon as I get round to digging it up & planting stuff! It snowed last week, so I had to put my plan on hold.. lol, but its been bright & sunny for most of this week so maybe I’ll get time over the next few days! I hope so!

I’m so excited about the new CWH site thats coming, the clips/vids site looks amazing! Did you guys check it out yet? I’m hoping to make a couple of vids & upload them for you. I was wondering about making video blogs, but talking on cam makes me feel dumb! I never know what to say! I’m also hugely excited about my 22nd birthday, its on Thursday (Feb 14) & I’m dying to know what suprises I’m gonna get! I love gifts, just like all girls!

Anyway, I guess I’ve babbled about Emily’s little world enough for now.. so I’m gonna jump in the bath & then pop on for Pchats later on (gonna try & get on afternoon time & then later this evening-GMT times remember!)

Love, Emily


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