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Woooo I’m back!


By Jenn / 9 years ago / In: General ,



I was gone for about a day and a half…visiting friends.  A bunch of stuff happened.  About an hour after I arrived, I was walking out to move my car since I didn’t know if I could really park in the spot I did, but other cars were parked there so I figured it was ok…well…when I got outside my car was being towed!  So I was yelling trying to make them stop but they didn’t, so I hit the panic/alarm button so they’d hear it and stop…so we got in the car to follow and they had stopped before a stop sign, so we started honking and flashing the lights so they wouldn’t leave the premises, but they saw us and started to drive away…drove off the lot and onto the street totally ignoring us, so we pulled up along side them and I got their attention, but they ignored us still like douchebags!  so w/e we followed them and got to the place & I got out and I was like HI that’s my car u have there…why were u ignoring me??  and the guy’s all like “yeaaa…I saw u…but I was busy textin on my phone so I didn’t care…u can go in and pay this ridiculously high fee and get ur car back now”  I was like wtf!  you coulda given me my car I was right there…why be a dick?  He’s all like ehh well I don’t care blah blah blah I didn’t feel like it.  I’m like wtf ever dude ur a dick that’s just so rude…u weren’t even off the premises with my car yet…you didn’t have to tow it away u were already stopped trying to disable my annoying loud flashing alarm!  He didn’t care…so w/e I had to pay to get it back.  Bullshit!!! 

Then, we were all out at this bar the next night…having fun etc. some bitches were in the bathroom we were in, talking shit about my hair all loud and obnoxious..I ignored it but we all heard them…so I was like yeahhh peace out bitches!  and we left the bathroom.  Then- later on we were all standing by the bar…and the same group of girls were behind us being all loud and annoying…and I didn’t notice till I glanced in a mirror, but one of them was reaching in my purse and had my wallet in her hand…I was like WTF! so I turned around and grabbed her arm really hard & was like what the FUCK do you think you’re doing?!?  She looked all shocked and dropped my wallet into my purse, and I was like “HEY guys everyone check your purse this bitch just tried to steal my wallet!”  Sooo that started a fight, all the girls in that group got pissed, didn’t seem to believe what I was saying, started fighting with my friends, started pulling their hair etc…another of my friends jumped on one of the girls…Idk what all that was lol, those girls had some major problems…well, those girls all got thrown out after we told the owner what had happened.  


Ok, that’s about it for now 🙂


xox-Mee <333 

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