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By sofia / 9 years ago / In: General ,



The neighborhood I live in is really safe and pretty much in the middle of no where. Safe enough that no one locks their doors/cars etc. I know it’s weird, and after being raised in such a big city, I can’t ever get too used to leaving everything unlocked.

Last night, however, I got this really uneasy paranoid feeling while I was driving to my other job. I called a friend and just had him lock the doors from the inside, and that way i had some peace of mind while i was at work til the wee hours of the morning.

As I was pulling in to my driveway, I just kept thinking how terrible it would be if someone broke into my house… and as I get closer I realize the french doors upstairs are FLUNG OPEN…. at that point I am freaking the fuck out, and I run out of my car leave my keys in the ignition and all, assuming everything will be gone. When I first walked in I didn’t see my friends ps3 and I automatically was like… oh fuck, and whistled for my dog and made sure I could hear him in his kennel downstairs. Much to my surprise, everything was intact and right where i left them, with the exception of some papers that had been blown by the wind. It was incredibly windy last night and a storm had passed through while i was at work. I was so puzzled at the irony of it all, but I’m glad above everything my dog was ok and that no one took advantage of my open house.

I’m so thankful for my country-esque surroundings.

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