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By Lux / 9 years ago / In: General ,



I’m just getting ready for bed   & thought I’d stop by for a quick update.

I had an mchat today, I hope you all made it, I know I missed a few people 🙁

In other news, I have a new puppy.. I’ve decided to name her Olive – Ollie for short.

She is a very sweet dark little half boxer half rhodesian ridgeback, cutest little face ever she looks like a little bear, hehe.

She gets along with my other dog and cats very well. Except my mini weener dog Freddie Mercury is kind of a spoiled brat he growls at her when she trys to come snuggle under a blanket when he’s already there. They are about the same size now, but soon she will be giant compared to him haha.

My kitten had the stinkiest breath EVER, I took him to the shelter (he is actually my foster kitten) and they discovered he actually has GINGIVITIS lolololol, I guess he wasn’t flossing/ practicing proper dental hygiene :/

So I have to toss him on some antibiotic type thingy-mabobbers and hope he gets better.

It’s still super cold here in my motherland and I’m starting to get annoyed, vacation anyone?

I’m going to head to bed with Ollie now, and pray to god she doesn’t pee in the bed again 😡


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