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By Jessica / 9 years ago / In: General ,



So let’s see where to start… Sometimes I avoid writing blogs because I have so much crap to say that it actually intimidates me to purge it all. Although it always makes me feel better. I have blog bulimia! Yack, yack, yack!

So yeah um first item up for bid is that the one person I have pretty much hung out with exclusively over the passed year has “broken up” with me. Ok so I don’t know how it’s a break up cause we never actually dated but it sure feels like one. I see his point however in limiting his interactions with me. I can be rather violent and negative. I actually knocked him out once and left marks all over him on numerous occasions. I secretly, or not-so-secretly enjoy being abusive. Call it a cycle of abuse if you want, but I was hoping I had found someone who liked being abused as much as I enjoyed abusing them. However, I was just building myself up for eventual rejection, and now after putting all my eggs in his basket for a year straight cause I am antisocial like that… well now I am a lonely duckling who no longer has a voodoo doll to prod with hot pins.

This is a good thing! Not only can I be more self reliant as I usually like to be, but I can also stop taking out my hatred for man kind on one horribly tired and distressed soul. WHAT WILL I DO WITH ALL OF THE HOURS? Looking into it as a big black hole is not helping, and why am I being so dramatic about it anyways? It’s no big deal I am destined to be alone. I loose everyone that’s close to me because I neglect them and expect them to keep falling hand over foot for me while I just sit back and eat hummus and blue corn chips (while watching reruns of Arrested Development).

I’m actually surprised that as a friend he lasted this long, almost as surprised as I am that my E Machine desktop is still half-assed working. Which brings me to the fact that it is slowly frying which is pretty darn lame considering that I use it as the home stereo.  So I will need a new desktop VERY soon.

Also My birthday is coming up on the 17th of February. I am pretty stoked. I am considering having a twin peaks themed party. No one is allowed to be Laura Palmer but me, DUH. I would demand that Leslie has to be Donna but she has never even seen the show I don’t think. So basically you don’t HAVE to dress up, but I would like if you did.

What kind of party directions scream, “WE ARE IN TWIN PEAKS! WATCH OUT FOR THE OWLS!”? I needs suggestions.

I am accepting online gift certificates as birthday presents from the following places:

Fredericks of HollywoodJ


Pac Sun


The certificates can be sent to and they need to have my name on them!

Come on! I just got jilted and I feel like jumping off of the roof, so make a bitch feel better about her rejected and forgotten ass!

All gift certificates will be awarded with a video showing off whatever I decided to use it on and little tease and thank you sign pic!  Thanks guys.

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