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By Nina / 9 years ago / In: General ,



           It’s fucking COLD outside!!! It’s not much better in here……
               I’m missing the times I used to prance around my house wearing my boyshorts & halter tops during the cold winters!
Now I wake up in the morning to pants, sweaters…. not caring about how I look in them, but rather how warm I am! You watch me in my shows barely wearing clothes… but what u dont see is my ceramic heater & heating blankets, Covering myself in a robe any break I get…
             I feel bad using all this electricity to create heat, but im losing all my sympathy!! I’ve brought up this issue to my landlord and im getting an overdose on excuses!! “Its cause its empty, once u live here… ur body temperatures will bring warmth”, “U set the fan, it should just stay in heat”, “Theres too much dust blocking the heater” I followed the rules… its still cold! The only warmth I get is when im in bed… covered with blankets & pillows. Mmmmmmmm <3 Sounds good right about now =) Care to join???   
           It’s so depressingly dark all the time in my bedroom. I hate that. I think that’s a reason to why I sleep so much now and I guess that’s normal… I can’t afford curtains right now & my bedroom curtain is a towel lol. Absolutely no light can find its way through there (not to worry… its temporary) Still sucks and gives me too little time, I love sleeping but I hate that it takes away so much time *cries*

                                I wish I could be a superhuman that required very little sleep and still feel great.

        I’d be most happy to have some free time without feeling that there’s something I have to do. That would be wonderful.


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