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Finally Back Into Normal Routine!


By nyli / 9 years ago / In: General ,



It’s been a busy busy last couple of months. I am so happy to finally be living in my own house. It’s not finished with the renovations but it’s livable. There is one room that is not finished, and to be honest I am too damn lazy to do anymore. I figure the family room isn’t too important. At least the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms are done.

I got my first hydro bill the other day and I was like.. whoh! I thought it was going to be expensive. Yay for my OCD I am anal about keeping every light off in the house and not using any lights unless I really have too. I figure that I could probably be a little less anal about the energy conserving now and actually have a light on or two when guests come over. Haha.

This weekend I plan on actually going out. It’s been weeks since I actually went ‘out out’ with friends. I’ve just been so busy with the house and the move and all. I still plan on making time for pchatting this weekend so watch out for me in the early evenings.

So have you all heard the news? Us cam girlies needed to remove our wishlists. We have been having issues with confidentiality and since the issue cannot be resolved with the places we hold some of our wishlists, they must be removed. But not to worry, you can still spoil me in other ways. Click HERE to read how you can still spoil me. You now can purchase gift cards and send them to our boss. They will then be forwarded to us.

Don’t forget that my BIRTHDAY is coming up!!! FEBRUARY 5th! Oh, and watch for my members chat on January 31st!

P.S — Sorry my lips look weird– something to do with the lighting and the cam. But I’m still hot! 🙂

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