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By Emi / 9 years ago / In: General ,



     It snowed a decent amount here FINALLY, but not as much as it usually does.  It lasted about 3 days then melted 🙁  The only bad thing about the now and the awesome slopes around here is the fact that it attracts people from one particular state down south who CAN NOT DRIVE.  Seriously every time I’m behind someone that can’t drive, is going to slow, etc, they’re from this one state.  I’m going to make a tshirt with that state on it with a NO symbol through it, like no smoking, get it?  Anyway, I enjoyed the snow and sitting inside watching G4 and the History channel.   I almost got a job at a local shop but I decided after going in for the interview that I just wouldn’t call back because there were people there that needed it more than I did.  That was my good deed for the year.  Last night my roommate had a ridiculously loud party that she didn’t bother to tell me was going to be happening…seriously ran me out of my OWN PLACE with the noise.  I’m looking at houses now because I can’t take any more shitty roommates and I always get the bad luck and get stupid ass roommates.  Anyone want to sell me a house?  A castle.  I really want a castle. 

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