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Still Alive…


By ExoticLisa / 9 years ago / In: General , Updates ,



Hi everyone, In case you’re wondering, I’m still alive…
Recently i got a puppy Yorkie, ”Elvis”.

He’s mommy’s world. Wonderful gift.
Actually it was supposed to be a Christmas gift but got him on the 1st of January.
This lil dog has been the most important thing in my life! He gets all mommy’s attention, and Mommy just can’t get enough of his cute lil face!!! I have been playing and spending time with this dog ever since i got him. He’s just my precious lil baby… He’s my reason to smile.. He’s my first puppy and I have taken some time off to get to know him and his lil ways, as well as potty train him. After only a week of having him, he got sick last night 🙁 Started throwing up and not eating, vomiting even water.
This morning i woke up very early and took him to the hospital. He’s been diagnosed with Parvovirus (some type of bacteria puppies in general usually get , and Elvis got it from the breeder, and it usually take 7 to 10 days for symptoms to show)
🙁 And i am so sad.
They were telling me his chances of living were only 50% and i have been down ALL day. So later on today, the Vet called me and said he’s getting better and his chances of living are higher. I’m still a lil upset but I feel a lot happier to hear he’s doing better. He can’t come home to Mommy yet so he’s gonna have to stay there for 3 days until he gets better….

But until then i will be here and hopefully i will have plenty of wonderful people keeping me entertained and not think about this situation so much.

Also, my computer was a lil messed up. But i bought a new one! 🙂 And now i can use my HD camera!
YAY!! So guys tonight i will be online. Not only tonight but for the rest of the week as well.
And Lisa will be in HD!! Can it get any better?? 🙂

Help me pray for my lil one. I need a lots of love right now..
Thanks Everyone!

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