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Back in Action!!


By SweetMarie / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Heyyyy everyone!  After my very LONG absense I am back in action, officially.  That means back to my regular schedual and all that jazz.  Woohoo!

I had a great Christmas with my family and friends in Canada.  I got to go skiing (super fun!), and I got to party it up with my girls there.  I miss them already, and am trying to convince them to come visit me here in Germany!  Santa was pretty good to me as well…I got a new digital camera, a bracelet from Tiffany’s, some moolah and some awesome pjs.  On Boxing Week (sale crazy in Canada) I was in Vancouver and I got some SWEET deals on some new shoes and clothes, so basically I have a new wardrobe hehe! 

I came back to Germany on the 29th, after a lonnnnnnnnngggggg flight (screaming baby, awful plane food.)  Just in time for New Years Eve, aka Silvester if you are German.  I went out with a friend of mine and we partied until 6 am and I had soooo much fun.  I got to watch lots of fireworks as well!  They do this thing in Germany where they melt these pieces of metal and drop it in water and the shape is supposed to tell your fortune for the coming year.  Well, mine TOTALLY looked like a penis hehe.  I guess it’s going to be a good year 😉

Anyway I’m already starting on my New Years resolutions.  In case you didn’t catch them on the forums, they are:

1) do more stuff, especially cultural stuff like go to the ballet and film festival and all the other awesome things that happen here on a regular basis that I never do.

2) wake up earlier

3) Be more careful of how I spend my money.

Like this: