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Update on me…


By Alicia / 9 years ago / In: General ,



So this past holiday was really nice. I was really busy with family stuff since about the 20th. Finally it all came to a sudden halt once it was after x-mas but of course once all the chaos subsided….I got sick. I am still a bit under the weather but its nowhere near as bad as it was earlier this week. I am pretty sure it was some sort of stomach flu. Not going to go into details, but we all know what that entails…so yeah…it wasn’t much fun. It also led me to distraction the night before my mchat and so, I forgot to test and when you don’t do this at least 24hrs prior to your mchat, you lose your spot. So I am sorry to whomever may have showed up to my mchat this past Thursday and was a bit confused seeing someone else. I didn’t intend on missing my mchat and was prepared to do it eventhough I was sick…but breaking the test rule means you get the boot for that spot 😛 Eh, it happens. People make mistakes.

 Anywho, I am on my last day and resting up and making extra sure this bugt is completely outta my system. I tried to work Thursday night on pchats eventhough my mchat went loopy….but after about 2hrs of my cheapies I was getting shaky in my legs and felt really weak. It was down hill again from there. Guess I tried to jump back on too soon. So perhaps the spot swap for my mchat was a blessing….I just may have fell over if I stood up dancing around for a full hr while sick, haha….no good. So, thank you Milan for being my savior 😉 Again sorry to the members who were looking for me that night and the past few, but I have needed my rest and promise to be around tomorrow night for some more cheapies to make up for it 🙂

 Oh, last thing, the Saturday before last, I went out and met up with Violet and Jenn for some drinking and dancing, and it….ROCKED! They are awesome girls and are just as hot in person as in their pix….love ’em. Very sweet and fun…..glad I made the effort to get us all together. 😀

Well thats the update on me….come and welcome me back from my long holiday and pooey sickness tomorrow 😛 hehe.

 <3 muuuuaahhhzzzz

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