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Merry Christmas!


By Violet / 9 years ago / In: General ,



Jenn went home. It was so nice having a girl around to hang out with. I really don’t have many female friends. Only relatives. We stayed so busy the entire time she was here. I think we must’ve spent 20 hours shopping alone. Which was great. Anyone else would’ve bitched the entire time. She loves spending ridiculous amounts of time browsing and being indecisive just like me! We tried on a lot of clothes, and I ended up spending way too much money. I haven’t gone shopping for myself in a while though. I bought an awesome black high waisted pencil skirt, red and black corset top, and shiny red heels. Also new bras and panties and some jewelry.

We went to a day spa and got pedi’s and facials. My polish is already chipping though, and it’s pissing me off. And on Saturday night we went out to a club and met up with Alicia. She’s so so pretty in person and a sweet heart. I have a few pics from our night out. I’ll post them later on. Jenn and I got all dolled up together. So much fun. Nasty boys wouldn’t leave us alone though. We sort of had an audience while we were dancing, and guys kept coming up behind us trying to make a three way hump. I think I must’ve elbowed like 8 guys. Fuckers. Here’s some advice boys . . . ladies appreciate it when you ask if you may dance with them. Don’t just run up and start dry humping us.

I pretty much finished my X mas shopping. I have to buy a few more things tomorrow. Not looking forward to going out into the traffic. Ick. The holiday stress will be over soon though. And I’m looking forward to some exciting stuff in January.

My site is going through some changes at the moment. I’ll have a new layout soon, (thank goodness!!) and I’ll be changing a few things as far as updates go. It’s going to be more of a camming based site. Focused more on the cam shows and archived video. There will still be other content though, and it’s going to be well worth it!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and Happy New Year! I’ll see some of you Christmas Eve for member chat.

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