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Boo hoo!!


By Nina / 9 years ago / In: General ,



  So im in my apartment today cause I have to wait till i get my new fridge, the one I was sent was damaged. I was excited to cam in my new room and brought everything, once I stepped inside it was FREEZING!!! He turned off the heating, how can I strip to this lol??? There goes my whole day sitting here waiting for things to get done! I arrived here at 8am and fell asleep cause I had nothing to do 🙁 The delivery man was sooo scary!! LMAO!! He was this HUGE guy and I was alone and he wouldnt stop flirting with me. He looks at the damaged fridge and says “The fridge still works?? Why dont u want it?” Well… theres a dent size of my arm!!! Obviously if ur paying $$$ for something u want ur moneys worth… ugh! So he takes the fridge and my 2 friends drop by and I gave them a tour and when the guy called me back for my signature, he asks me out and I said no! He wouldnt stop asking me, so I did what most girls do… I pertended I was taken and he still wouldnt leave me alone?!? My friend Saran told him to leave! He did eventually after giving me his freaky rapist smile. After he left I thanked for them not leaving me with him and we called him the “big horny delivery man” lol.
  Since I came here sooo early, I decided to do my hair today… so it was a long process of dying my hair white blonde cause if I do blue on top as red… I would be left purple lol! I love it though…. believe it or not.. but I like it more than the red lol! Everyones asking me why I did it! I get bored easily and needed a change!! I had the red for 5 years… thats a loooonngggg time!!


Anywhooo.. im gonna continue my doing nothing!! I will be 1.99 this saturday!!! Come see meee <3


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