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Xmas Tree!


By Alicia / 9 years ago / In: General ,



So yesterday was sooo much fun!  Here in Michigan we got about 6-8 inches of snow…maybe even more! Now, most people would dread driving in such weather and wouldn’t even consider taking a long drive to go get a christmas tree, but not me! I have a Jeep and looove deep snow, its soo much fun to drive in, really lets my Jeep’s true colors shine. You know you really don’t appreciate the power of AWD until you really need it. It makes all the difference in snowy and rainy conditions. We had to go down a lot of back roads to get to the tree farm my family goes to, but it was a fun drive for me. My dog came along too and when we got out of the car, he was definitely excited to finally have snow to romp around in. Being an Alaskan Malamute…it’s only natural, hah.

It was overall a very fun trip. When I got home I attempted to teach my dog how to pull a sled again….but he doesn’t get the idea of what direction he should be pulling.  Malamutes are bred for pulling but certainly not leading. It was more work for me then him, and I eventually just gave up and went inside. It’s only really When I got back inside the tree was bare, in the stand and ready to be trimmed and decorated. The entire decorating process took about 2 hrs….but the hrs of time spent, payed off….the tree looks amazing. We aren’t that kind of family who decorates the tree with fancy icicles and garland. Each and every ornament has a memory, a meaning. There are ones made by me, ones given to us by friends, and ones given to us by family. Each and everyone comes with a little story. The best kind of tree in my eyes. This year we decided on read and white lights and topped the tree off with a big red ribbon…soooo pretty!

 After all that I watched an awesome episode of nip/tuck with my family…now I am hooked on it all over again, lol.

 Well that was my exciting winter day! Take care everyone and if I don’t write before the holiday…have a safe and fun filled holiday!


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