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revenge prank


By Valentina Valentine / 9 years ago / In: Humor ,

Valentina Valentine

Valentina Valentine

So I was on this website earlier today… It was had to do with ways you can get revenge on people… It had some true stories on the site, as well as advice for getting someone back that people haven’t necessarily tried doing. I found it pretty amusing… Especially, this one story because I actually almost saw it happen one time… Well anyways, read this…

“The greatest and most cruel prank ever is to wait until the person who has wronged you goes into a port a potty sneak up behind the port a potty quietly and tip it over so that it lands flat on the door. This prank is perfect. Since they’ll be inside they can’t see who did it. Your victim will be swimming in human waste and the best part is that unless you pulled this prank on superman, it is virtually impossible for the victim to get out by his/herself and when they do get out I suggest you leave state. There is nothing in this world that a victim of this prank could do to get even.

I stress that IF YOU MUST do this, make sure that you stick around for a couple of minutes to make sure you didn’t knock the poor guy/girl out when you tipped them over. not only for that reason but it’s also quite entertaining to listen to them desperately struggle to get out and shout out various death threats and vulgar language to you. Obviously you’ll hear screaming and yelling when they realize what they’re swimming in and that’s a good sign that they’ll be safe but VERY unhappy.”

Lol, how messed up huh?? I’d KILL someone if they ever did this to me.  But if you guys want to get revenge on someone, this would be one of the worst possible ways lol…

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